ABOUT LISA. Crowned ‘the defender of female awesomeness’ by Cooler magazine, Lisa Lister – writer, plus-size yoga teacher, feminista + menstrual maven – is dedicated to helping women to crack their lady code – an ancient code connected directly to mumma nature, the moon and your menstrual cycle – that once cracked, gives you insta-access to monthly super powers that can be used to create a business and life you love.

Our Herstory. Shakti  & I were setting up our first Waking the Wild Woman tele course call ever, and we had first time jitters. Because the first time you do anything is your initiation, and you're going to learn a lot, i.e., make a ton of "mistakes." One day Shakti emailed me. "Oh man," she said, "Now I'm even more nervous. There's this woman on the call, she's so amazing, I want to take HER courses!" It was Lisa Lister, our red hot counterpart in the UK, near Glastonbury, that sacred land of the Goddess. I've gotten to know Lisa well over the past two years, and we've become devoted sisters on the path. She's someone to whom can tell anything , and she has this deep dark loving presence of the Goddess. You feel taken into her velvety lap and totally loved, by a force much greater than human. She's an author, yoga teacher, tarot designer, women's circle leader, feminine mentor, menstrual cycle master, and bad ass Kali breathing witch. We'll talk to Lisa about herstory, resurrecting Avalon, teaching women, sacred priestessing, oracles, loving our lady parts, walking as a witch in the modern world, ritual, plus your questions.

Part 2: Laura Anne Blakeman aka Shakti Sunfire

ABOUT SHAKTI: An internationally recognized movement guide and an advocate of the Earth, Shakti Sunfire blends her deep love of conscious dance, classical Tantra, yoga, mythology, ecology, and the study of many nature-based traditions into inspiring thematic explorations of Soul.  A true rolling stone, Shakti teaches workshops, leads retreats, and performs all over the world. A passionate writer, Shakti dives deep into human experience, exposing universal connection and poignant synchronicity through mytho-poetic narrative. She has deepened her knowledge and delighted in the ancient art of Soul Astrology with Astrologer and Soul Guide, Sheila Belanger, and has traversed the river of Soul with visionary Bill Plotkin - founder of the Animas Valley Institute. She is an initiate on the Priestess Path of Awakening Avalon with Holly Hamilton. All of whom are influences and teachers that she continues to work with to this day.

Our Herstory: SHAKTI SUNFIRE aka LAURA ANN BLAKEMAN. When your heroine is one of your best friends. Five years ago I had just leapt off the shore of normal and began the path of my awakening (which is never ever over, we are always waking up, thank Goddess) and my soul called me to the Big Island of Hawaii. I had been researching the words that were newly floating in my consciousness and I found a retreat Shakti Sunfire was co-leading on the Big Island with yogic belly dancing goddess Marni Sclaroff (hi Marni!). I don't remember seeing any pictures of Shakti, I just had this one vision of a wise, wood-dwelling witch with long white hair and nails and the earth's muddy flesh smeared on her face. I met her soul before I even met Shakti! At the retreat, which was the first thing I had ever, ever done like that (terrifying, and I made sure she knew it) I had another vision. That we would lead witchy yoga retreats, together. Me, a jobless ex-rock journalist who was trying to shake a valium addiction (we can talk about that. We can talk about addiction. We can talk about the desire to suppress yourself in what can feel like a terrifying world. We can talk about it all, I don't believe in repression, or shaming ourselves for our secrets). Shakti, at the time was an internationally famous hooper & yogini who just that month was gracing the cover of Yoga Journal. I thought she would call me crazy but I pulled her aside and told her anyway. I had lost everything and had nothing left to lose. She just looked me with her gleaming cat eyes and said "Yes. Yes we will." And now we do. Moral? Answer your callings, darlings.  WE like to get juicy. I'll talk to Laura about herstory, the heroine's journey, her sacred work for the Earth, its people & creatures, the way of the modern witch, coming out of the broom closet, authentic teaching, sacred leadership, projections, shadow work, owning your humanity while doing divine work, the lovers & the haters, and we'll include your questions as well.