Emily Tepper: Emily Tepper helps you get what you want with fun, grace, and ease. She will change your relationship to manifesting forever with her methods, tools, and power practices, getting you clear on what you want, removing the blocks, and leaving you porous, sparkling, open, and ready to finally receive your desires. She is passionate about the liberating power of self love. She takes you on a journey where you finally stop beating up on yourself so you can get what you want without having to struggle or strain at all. With her background as a dancer, hands on healer, bodyworker, intuitive, coach, & designer of experiences, Emily is lovingly become known as the hipster mystic, utilizing her healing powers like a psychic surgeon at the intersection of body, mind and spirit. When you coach with Emily, you get new access to your body body’s ability to provide all your answers - as the address to your soul, and you Master your Total Body Intelligence, learning to get what you want quickly with your intuition, psychic skills (yes, you have them!), body smarts, and feminine energy. www.lifemanifestation.com

Our Herstory: I've experienced, and still walk in, my Dark Night of the Soul (hence being out here in New Mexico doing my WERK, girl). The DNOTS is when the Divine, which once enchanted and seduced you- and what you gave up everything to serve, including steady jobs, old friendships, even family, comfort, and well, not freaking people out for-  leaves. Leaves like a lover who promised you'd be together forever and nothing could ever hurt you again. You were safe. And then you fall into the Belly of the Whale, What's The Point, I Give Up, F*ck Everything Black Bell Jar of Despair. True terror. The long crossing of a dark river on an endless, starless night. A river only crossed in faith. We'll share that story, and a lot of other stories in coven, and most of them we'll toss into the fire. At the beginning of my dark night, Emily was recommended to me by my super cool friend Ruby of the Numinous, and so like a drowning woman floundering for a life raft, I followed my soul call & reached out to her. And she did that thing that's the most beautiful gift we can give to each other: she listened to me. In all my dying animal wails. Really really listened, to a stranger no less, and she told me everything was going to be ok, and there was a way through. She received me. Emily practices that most divinely feminine art of receiving. That forgotten feminine art: How to Manifest & Receive What You Really Want. We'll talk herstory, why receiving is our most sacred power, then she's going to walk us through rituals to manifest what fills our cup, so we can be turned on and of service. (Cuz you know you can't serve empty).


Liz Davis: Elizabeth Davis is a healer, yoga teacher, and vital energy coach.  Through her work Elizabeth has been able to help clients empower themselves on a mental, physical and spiritual level.  Her strength is to help you reframe your thoughts, actions, emotions, and beliefs.  Elizabeth's wish is to serve, empower, and energize, so you can have the life you truly want and deserve. "Spirituality is everything to me because to me, everything is spiritual.   Meaning, everything has beauty and magic, even in the darkest places.  Why I am so passionate about this work is because my entire life has changed because of it.  I am able to look at myself in the mirror and be in LOVE with who is looking back at me.  I am excited to look at the shadowy parts of you because that is where there is so much growth and opportunity." www.lizcdavis.com

Our Herstory.  Liz and I met two years ago through our mutual friend Malia Scott, and what stuck with me after our first conversation was the way she ravished her food and a full glass of wine as she tore into our conversation with equal appetite. She was full bodied and alive and excited to share and experience and learn. A friend of mine once said "The Goddess is a slut for experience," and she meant it in the most reverential way, that the awakened Goddess has a lust to taste, take and be taken by life. Liz has that same ravishing energy. She once gave a female client an orgasm just by leading her through a life-loving second chakra meditation, and she'll be leading us through a similar feminine fire-stoking journey. We'll talk about her wild path of healing, from self loathing in the city to an awakening reiki treatment that brought on an ocean of tears that changed her life.  And just like after any full blown storm, the world looked that much more clear and beautiful. "After that I took every healing course and program I could," Liz said, "and I was like 'wow, this shit works.'"