ABOUT CATHERINE.  Catherine Hummel is your guide from Blah to Blissed! She helps women who’ve lost their spark (or maybe never had it to begin with) fall head-over-heels in love with their exquisitely exceptional selves. As a life coach, yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, circle facilitator & workshop leader, she's coached tons of women back to wholeness and a (comfy) place of profound self love through one-on-one coaching and transformative group work.  As a former addict and master player of the compare and despair game, she knows it’s possible to metamorphose from empty, bored & riddled with shame to exploding with passion, appreciation & love for life and who you are.  In fact, She believes every woman can achieve deep inner peace, unshakable confidence & adoration for all of who she is - especially with the right teacher, mirror & guide at her side.

Our Herstory. Catherine & I crossed paths at a crossroads in my life, when she reached out a helping hand & has stayed in my life ever since. OK, I'll tell you exactly when. It was when I wanted to get sober, when alcohol was continually depressing me & making me sick. Two glasses, & I couldn't rise in the morning. And Catherine said CALL ME ANYTIME & we had never met. That was three years ago. My sobriety has been an on & off journey, (every two months I try to socialize with a few glasses) but Catherine passes no judgement. She's a life coach who teaches through Unconditional Love, you can't make her mad, you let her down. She sees you through the eyes of God & teaches you do to the same. When I "f*ck up," I tell her, & she loves me for my humanity & allows me to see my innocence. Catherine studies & teaches on A Course in Miracles & coaches women on the path to radical self love, which leads to finding the love of their life. We'll talk to Catherine about herstory, her purpose & path, how healing others heals her, heartbreak & healing, giving it all up just to get it, sobriety, God, mysticism (her passionate love for the Divine), plus your questions. 

"Turning the awakened woman on" Featuring Lara Catone

ABOUT LARA: Lara Catone is inspiring women worldwide to reclaim their health and the wisdom of their bodies.  As a writer, yoga teacher and sexual wellness coach, Lara supports women in aligning with their reproductive cycles, finding sexual wholeness, navigating changes during the childbearing years and owning their authentic feminine expression. Lara has spent the past 15 years studying the healing arts and has attended over 50 women in labor as a birth doula and midwife assistant.  She is a certified Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Sexologist and yoga teacher with a decade of experience. She is a sought after speaker and teaches workshops and retreats worldwide.  Lara is an active blogger and the creator of the podcast, Sex Lab with Lara. She is regularly featured as an expert in the media including Playboy TV’s Sextreme Makeover. Lara is an innovator in the modern expression of yoga bringing into union the ancient feminine arts with modern science.  Her teaching style is at once profoundly deep and irreverently playful creating a warm, safe space for students to open.Lara has recently launched The Artemis School for Women’s Sexual Wellness to train and certify other practitioners in Women’s Holistic Sexuality.  In 2015 Lara is also releasing her revolutionary program, Restore Your Core:  Strength & Vitality for Moms.  Lara’s mission is to contribute to the evolution of women’s holistic wellness and sexuality, empowering radiant health and pleasure for all.

OUR HERSTORY: I also met Lara in the hot springs of the Guadelupe Canyon in Mexico. She had the calm presence of The Goddess, serene, wise, mysterious & like she walked on air. She had such a presence that I asked our mutual friend Shakti about her, almost intimidated by Lara's grace at the time. "What does she do?" I asked Shakti. "Well, she's a fantastic yoga teacher," said Shakti, "And, she teaches women about their sacred sexuality." "Oh," I clammed up. "I know nothing about that." "Most women don't," Shakti said. "That's why her work is so important." My sexuality had always gotten me in TROUBLE. So I had tried to turn it off, ashamed of it, almost my whole life. Here was a woman who walked around with the healthiest second chakra energy I had ever seen, with a primal, sensual, awakened powerful energy. It was like watching a Jaguar slink through the forest at twilight. We had the honor of hosting Lara on one of our Wild Women calls, & I basically thanked her for re-introucing me to my vagina. I had almost, I said, forgotten I had one. Lara's going to do a lot more than remind you of yours, we'll talk to her about awakening our sacred sexual powers, healing sexual shame, why our sexual power is THE most powerful energy we have, self pleasure. her work as a doula, her women's school for sexual wellness & health, her beautiful new program: the Artemis School, plus your questions. &