ABOUT AYESHA. Ayesha is a self proclaimed spark seeker. She has created a radical life for herself based on her empowering beliefs about life, LOVE, creativity, passion, adventure, and spirit! The c0- creator of the Girlfriend Manifesto & the creator of the Conscious Creator app, her passion is helping people live the biggest most juicy version of their lives via her coaching courses. 

OUR HERSTORY. Ayesha was called to last year's Waking the Wild Woman Gathering in Joshua Tree by a "mysterious" force, but we know who embodies mystery-- The Goddess Herself. We had an instant connection, we shared sass & a sacred wound. I was drawn to her ancient powerful priestess soul, and as usual, but almost more than ever, the teacher learned more from the student, and we became fast sisters. She's a master manifestor with major Lakshmi energy, she's abundant, & her dream is to help every sister she comes in contact with abundantly live the life of her deepest desires. She's Powerfully Positive, a true Girl. Friend. I'll ask Ayesha about her herstory, and we'll get her wisdom on true sisterhood, emitting Queen vibrations, practicing radical self love, womanifestation, and becoming the woman of your dreams, while making every dream happen in the NOW.


ABOUT Cherie Healey. Cherie is a Board Certified Coach, Founder of Tapped In Leader, One Woman Effect and the Bring It Group.  An Entrepreneur, Rockstar Mom and Possibilitarian, she lives to help people live. She cares deeply about removing the obstacles to desire, is a relentless optimist and wants everyone on this planet to enjoy the hell out of their lives. She works with the hungry, the ones who crave more, the leaders who refuse to settle – and she takes them to the next level. Without apology, she will raise your bar and keep it high. She holds a vision for people that they sometimes can’t hold for themselves. Cherie blends a lifetime of study with great Masters in spirituality, strategy and transformation. She’s a master of communication and relationship and uses these skills to empower people to rise up and make a difference in the world. She believes that everyone has a unique reason for being and that if we are to truly enjoy the ride, we have to know what that is. She helps clients develop their personal brand, get into alignment with who they are and why they’re here, tap in to their highest self and change the world. www.cheriehealey.com

Our Herstory. I'm so honored to introduce Cherie Healey to the Coven. Cherie swooped into my life on a cloud of stardust three years ago, one of those times on the floor (you know, the #floorcry), when I was stuck in a haunted house of my suffering and couldn't find the door out. (She called it the "crazy eights," she said "Not that you're crazy, you're just up down up down." It's ok Cherie, all my beloveds are the good kind of crazy. Crazy about healing & crazy about saving the world. I think of her as a spicy hot Glenda the Goodwitch who came in to my life to show me I had the power all along. She started as my life coach (pro-bono, even though she's got a wait list from here to Cuba, she said, "my soul told me to help you, and I always listen to my soul") and now she's become one of my closest friends. In addition to your questions, I'm going to pick Cherie's soul on her herstory, her sacred work, the life of a life coach, balancing work & joy, aligning with our inner Queen, listening to our true selves (head vs heart, fear vs love) and laying down boundaries with fierce grace. You know, like Royalty. We'll talk FINDING OUR JOY, moving from Maiden to Mother, rising from Princess to Queen, & why her work makes her leap out of bed in the morning (and it does, every morning, in cashmere, with a chai, & that smile to rival the sun).