ABOUT AMBER. Over a decade ago, a psychiatrist recommended Amber try yoga to alleviate anxiety. At that time, she buffered herself with Xanax and numbness just to get out of bed in the morning. She credits yoga with breathing her back to life and helping her heal everything from back pain to a broken heart, divorce to depression, anorexia to alcoholism, and other ailments in between. She revels at every opportunity to share with others the same practice that continues to heal her. Having studied with a group of teachers as diverse as Ana Forrest and Judith Lasater, Amber's teaching style is as eclectic as she is. A trained counselor and former public school school teacher, she tailors her classes to meet the unique needs of students on the mat before her. It's not uncommon for her to teach a handstand tutorial in one private session and chair yoga in the next. Seasoned with poignant anecdotes and childlike laughter, her vigorous classes blend methodical sequencing with spiritual nuggets that everybody can digest. When you roll up your mat following her class, you feel both empowered with strength and inspired with humility. She believes we’ve each been given a spark of the same phenomenon that causes our hair to grow and our hearts to beat; yoga teaches us to live from that sacred space. Our yoga practice is a mere microcosm of our life practice. The way to bring lasting change to our world is to begin within. When she's not teaching, she's writing a yoga memoir. Or chasing a sunset with a willing soul and her camera. Or snuggling on the couch with dark chocolate (her drug of choice) and her even sweeter partner and pup. To learn more about Amber, find her writing at MindBodyGreen (www.mindbodygreen), Rebelle Society (www.rebellesociety) and at www.ambershumake.com .

Our Herstory. Amber  & I connected years ago after I read one of her soul-baring authentic-as-hell pieces, and knew I had to know her.Clarissa Pinkola Estes says that "Writing, real writing, should leave a small sweet bruise somewhere on the writer . . . and on the reader.” And that's what the first piece I ever read by Amber did to me. I remember her words changed the course of my day. I was headed outside, & instead I moved inward, to take a good long journey inside of myself. She's no holds barred, vulnerable & strong as f*ck. In other words, she's my kind of woman. Her writing is a lot like her yoga teaching, compassionate, fiercely loving, & takes you to places you didn't know you could go. She's an avid Pema Chodron student who stares discomfort in the face & moves in closer. Amber's also part of the Rebelle Society tribe, leading women to their best & eternal teacher & healer: themselves. And coaxing them to share their stories, too. Sharing our stories, saves our lives and in effect, the lives of others. We'll talk herstory, how what she does heals herself & others, her path, purpose, why vulnerability is healing, the pedestal of teaching & how to be human. Plus, your questions.



ABOUT VICTORIA. Victoria is a Writer/Healer/Poet. She spends a lot of time with words, so much so she has an avid following & a book, the Edge of Wonder, birthing this fall. She also believes in wildness and wellness. Everything she do stems from these two words, for they are the two words that make up a life filled with fuel, with wisdom and with beauty. When you’re creating and choosing paths from a primally intuitive place, life can be wondrously free, fiery, energetic, and extraordinary. Seems radical. But it’s real. Remember that it’s beautiful to live in a body built for feeling, and live intensely on a planet exuding intensity.

OUR HERSTORY. Anais Nin said writing was how she managed to "capture the living moments," & our writing our souls out is saving thousands of women on the path. Victoria is one of those wonders whom I can't even recall when we met, or if there was even a time at all when I didn't know her. It's possible I found her through my Rebelle Society tribe, as she's one of their star writers, but either way we share a love of nature's wisdom, poetic thought, and claiming our wildness, refusing to be tamed. She's a bright light for thousands of women walking the awakening path, and where her pen goes, we all follow, finding our own voice. We're going to talk about this wild writing life of hers, herstory, how she heals & how it heals others, how to find your own voice, daring to share it, her process & path, plus your questions about writing your self wild.