ABOUT JESSE: As a healer, teacher, and artist, Jesse spends her days working with both women and men, exploring the concept of fierce self-love for our bodies as an integral aspect to our path to wholeness. By working together with movement, breath, myth and ritual, we seek to become embodied and heal ourselves. www.alignedspiritpilates.com

Our HERSTORY. I believe we have soul mates, and Jesse is one of mine. Sometimes you're too tired to journal. After my journaling became public, and admittedly, sometimes felt like more of a job, I still needed a sacred space to lay it all out, and Jesse Became My Journal. A secret place I could go & unload my soul that felt too vulnerable to be shared. Brene Brown talks about how people need to earn our vulnerability, & suddenly, after years of a wild rebellious shout my secrets from the rooftop Maiden stage,  I found the self protection of a Mother & stopped sharing it ALL ALL THE TIME. But I still needed to share, I just needed to do it intimately. And Jesse has been & is always there. If there were a Masters Program in Being a Friend, she would be teaching it. At Harvard. Why? Because Jesse can't help but infuse her work into her relationships, (healing is who she is & what she does) & she knows how to lead you to your own greatest power & activate your inner powers of self healing. Men and women all over New York come to her to walk away embodied & empowered. Just speaking with her, her words heal. You'll see, or at least hear, what I'm talking about. We'll talk herstory, how her own healing has healed others, her dark night of the soul, psychedelics, fascia healing, the web of our bodies, her greatest teachers, losing everything to gain more than she ever imagined, becoming one's own healer, and the path to self-embodiment.  Plus, your questions.



About ERIN: Erin Telford believes your light is just as informative and valuable as your shadow and holds space for both. Her mission is to help people heal their relationships with themselves. She pulls from a toolbox of therapeutic conversation, lifestyle and spiritual counseling, essential oils, crystals, mantra and other healing tools. She is a healer, acupuncturist, herbalist and Reiki practitioner and leads individual and group Breathwork sessions.  She was recently featured in Refinery 29 as one of “6 Women Who Are Redefining Wellness in New York City.”  She is also a regular contributor to The Numinous and Live the Process online magazines.  Telford’s private practice, Radiant Heart Acupuncture, is located in Chelsea in New York City. www.radiantheartacupuncture.com

Our herstory.  I was drawn to Erin from the minute I saw her soft light-filled face. She has a presence & energy that emit light waves of healing, it's true, she's got a Radiant Heart. Like Jesse Heid, Erin's in New York City, & used to work for Prada. She was deeply integrated in the fast paced competitive world, the go go go masculine world of do more get more. I remember that world well. It made me, unwell. Erin had an awakening & healed herself, & she's become the modern urban woman's go to healer, re-connecting women to themselves on a daily basis & writing herstory, selling out her breath work circles. In the fast paced DO world, she guides her clients back into BE-ing. You could say the patriarchal anti-nature nature of cities, with its concrete & competition, need the Feminine Healing Essence more than most places. She's the real radiant deal. I reached out to Erin one full moon when I was stabbed in my Mother Wound, & my inner abandoned child felt like she was hiding under a house, rocking in fear like it was World War III. She listened, and she healed me from afar. We'll talk herstory, inner child wounds, being our own best healer & friend, her path & purpose, employing ancient practices in modern times, how her self healing has healed others, the day in the life of an urban healer, plus your questions.