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what people are saying:

“When I would read Sarah Durham Wilson my heart would get tingles and my eyes would often tear up as I my breath was swept away from my chest... From the first time I read her words, I was hooked. Finally I was reading feelings I felt and was not able yet to put into words.

In the social deconstruction path I have been walking, it was just a matter of time until I had to face my own glass castle built on patriarchal ideas about who I should be, what I should do, and I who I was allowed to be.

In The Maiden to Mother Journey, Sarah was a guide who helped me reach deeper meanings, let go of rotten foundations and create new narratives about being on this planet, at this time, as potent womxn.

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to co-create with Sarah, as we manifest a ripple effect of love, compassion, kindness, depth, understanding, sacredness and soulfulness.”

Liz Jordan

”Sarah's Maiden to Mother initiation is her soul work. This Initiation is available to all of us and necessary to complete if we want to rise reborn into the Mother time of our lives. Working with Sarah helped me see the patterns in my maiden's life and the timeline of when it started to change; when I started to hear the voice of the Mother and to listen to and follow her voice; when the Mother in me started to exert her power and influence so I would change my life. Through the Maiden to Mother journey with Sarah and the circle of women she gathered, I pinpointed the moments when I lost faith in patriarchy; the moment when the fathers left me to die; the moment when I stopped in my tracks and said I cannot live this way; the moment when I saved myself; the moment when my ascent from the underworld began (because it must – if we want to grow up, we don’t get to wander forever in the dark). Sarah calls us to the passion and purpose that are the hallmarks of the Mother. She calls us to return to our body knowing and our sensual selves. She calls us to ask for and receive help. To take the creative risk to bloom. To mourn the maiden's life and recognize its proper place: in our past.  She also calls us to mark this passage so that it doesn't disappear. I used my voice to come out of hiding, and that happened in the space of our journey together. If you're called to this initiation, it's likely that you've already begun the work of shedding your maiden's ways from within. Working with Sarah will help you see and celebrate how far you've come, and it will fortify your courage to keep going. We all need helpers on the path. Sarah will help you make sense of where you've been and where you've battled. She'll help you see where you are. And she’ll help you come home to your grown woman skin and fit into that container so you can do your real work in the world. Sarah says that the maiden won't make it across the bridge. The Mother is who will arrive. Yes. It feels daunting at times, and at times we want to run back and hide. That's okay. But the only way to feel truly alive is to keep going, until we cross the bridge, and then to keep working, keep resting, keep being our passionate, wild selves.

Sarah shares her walk, and she witnesses yours. She doesn't tell you how to do it. She inspires you to see into your own experience and find your own way. She doesn't give you the keys. She speaks, and you discover that you've had them all along.”

Anne Marie Corley

”We can feel our lives are effectively over as we approach 40. What I realized after the retreat with Sarah was that those needs can actually be met by ourselves as Mother. Sarah's work helped me to remember how powerful I am, the change I am truly capable of creating.  She has given me the language to describe what I have always felt in my bones, the work I felt called to, but was unsure of where to begin. Sarah held and supported me while helping me see my hard truths, my shadow. Nothing was sugar coated, but it was never anything short of love.  She midwifes our Wounded Maiden to Mother, so we can finally awaken to our life's purpose. For the first time in my life I'm thinking less and feeling more, I am speaking with more confidence, I am profoundly aware of my maiden patterns and know how to comfort her as Mother so I can get up and get on with meaningful work, I feel safe in my body, and I am taking leaps I would have been too afraid to had I not had this experience. Sarah invited me into the wisdom that's always lived within me, that I just never understood how to tap into. Her work had me ask myself this question: What is more powerful than a woman who is in love with herself? It's the greatest act of rebellion in our current society. I believe this work will change the world, one womxn at a time, until we are many womxn standing together ready to heal our deeply wounded Earth.”

Brittany A.

“ Sarah precisely and lovingly conveyed what I was experiencing.  No one has ever done that before.  Being in the Maiden to Mother program has been like getting a piece of a puzzle back that I knew was missing, yet I didn’t know where to look for it.  And it’s got me to a place that I never imagined I would be, emotionally and spiritually. At peace with myself. Ready for more. Able to look for more, able to have the courage to say I’m ready for more.  Feeling safe, able to advocate for myself, and full of hope.  Thank you, Sarah and to the wonderful women in our circle.”

Juliet K

“There is no spiritual leader out there like Sarah Durham Wilson. Without having to describe every detail of your life, she has this keen ability to sink in-truly see you and hold you in the most loving, empowering way. Entering midlife myself, and having followed Sarah’s own inner work to dismantle the patriarchy in herself, I became empowered to take difficult steps towards facing my own inner ageism, yet, I still found myself feeling small and afraid to truly own this new transition into true inner beauty and power. Her offerings, both Maiden to Mother and the Mother Retreat helped resurrect an inner strength, confidence, and deep self love I had lost on my path. I am no longer afraid to live as Mother and speak about Mother Work, which the world so desperately needs to heal as a collective. Sarah has and continues to play an integral part of my growth, and I recommend her over and over again to any woman who is ready to take the plunge and bloom into ‘Ma.“

Jessika Vazquez

”In Maiden we are scared. We don’t take responsibility for ourselves and our own actions. When we act from a place of smallness and scarcity, with the need for other people’s approval or rescue and the need for everybody to love and like us, we end up hurting others and ourselves. We get stuck in the stories we tell ourselves, in our own neuroses. To be an adult, it is in fact our duty to step fully into our power, only from that place will we be strong enough for honesty and authenticity, for the hard conversations. The hard conversations are the only way to make a change, to shift something. And if this world, this earth needs anything more from us it is change, a huge shift. The planet is on fire people, we need to step into Mother. We need to Mother up! Sarah’s work is powerful and extremely potent. Nobody comes out of it untouched. This work should be mandatory, non the least for all leaders. Thank you Sarah for midwifing my rebirth, I’m for ever and ever grateful for your authenticity, humaness, mirroring, fierce loving  and enormous space holding.”

Nadia Rabit

“I was introduced to Sarah’s work at just the right time. A new maiden to mother journey had just begun, I was afraid I’d missed it, I hadn’t. I have a dear soul sister on this journey who shares with me pearls of wisdom and at times these are in human form, Sarah, and the maiden to mother calls are one of them.

I didn’t really know what to expect, I had opted for the package to have a few calls as I like to gather as much information as I can. On some level I was still wanting something outside to fix me or hand me the answers. This truly has been a last hurrah of sorts, there is no fixing to be done, and certainly not from anyone externally and most of all not from Sarah. Sarah’s insight during these calls were as though she knew me, she could truly see me, I think, because she sees and knows herself and her own journey so deeply and reverently.

I felt held, I felt confronted with my own shit, I feel more empowered to move and allow myself to shine in this world. There is no more hiding only holding. The last message I have taken in from the journey and from Sarah’s words when we spoke, I just gotta get out of my own way. 

If you don’t think you have the time or funds to do this, I implore you to search for it and or make it. I have made connections within my own journey that have only bee possible with these calls. I am seeing the same information I’ve had for years from an altered perspective. Thank you deeply Sarah for the work you are doing.”

Lottie A.

“This work is so needed. As women we have to come so far, and yet we have no clear road map for the path we must all walk. The initiation from our broken maidens to the mother. The full moon of our life. And without it, too many of us get stuck and never step into the woman we are born to be, living the lives we were meant to live. As a new mama I have been deep in the struggle of identity and mourning of my old life. With a sense of not knowing what lies ahead, I’ve been thrashing it out in the unknown, no idea of the right next step. Sarah’s Maiden to Mother journey has given me that road map. This isn’t woo woo self help. This isn’t about putting a guru on a pedestal and begging for someone to save you. This is a new style of work. The mother work. Sarah holds compassionate and nurturing space and through her own experience, compassion, honesty and passion for this work, walks beside you as you face your dragons and start to imagine and create the woman you are becoming. Through this journey I have been able to identify some of my destructive maiden habits and learn to love and mother that part of myself. And in the midst of confusion and fear on this journey, I have been able to feel less alone, and even find a sense of hope and optimism of what is to come. There isn’t anything like this out there. It is so needed.”

Ashley Jarquin

”Sarah is holding up a lamp in the dark, beckoning modern women to reclaim their wisdom. A few years ago, when I began my own maiden to mother journey, I turned to her as a guide and she helped usher me through a life-changing transition that, because of her, I knew needed to happen. Since then it’s been a long journey of patience with my inner wounded maiden, and moving toward archetypal mother. A touchstone of divine feminine wisdom, Sarah serves her audience and her clients with grace and sometimes heartbreaking honesty. She is a gift to the lives she touches, and no one walks away unchanged. Sarah is leading the charge in a much needed revolution among women, the ability to see our maturing into middle age as a reclamation of personal power.”

Annie Cattabriga- Alosa

“I have always admired Sarah’s ability to weave words like spun gold, creating beauty from the ugly truth of our wounds. I have witnessed her transition from girl to woman, alongside my own journey of initiation and I have always felt a kindred connection with the parts of her story that were dark and forbidden; like she was giving permission for me to feel the parts of me I had hidden in shame. her wounds were my wounds, her story my story; and I realised she was voicing our collective story; our scary, path-less, treacherous journey from wounded maiden into powerful woman; an initiation we have all but lost in our society today. When she spoke, and shared her journey, something deep within me stirred, like an ancient remembering slowly waking. It was as if she held the key to a locked chamber buried deep within my psyche and as I processed each of her stories, the key turned and a light finally shone on the contents of that secret inner tomb. That inner place was and is our sacred feminine power and it has been lost within us for centuries, but Sarah has traversed the dangerous, dark unknown to retrieve the map so that she might show us the way. She holds a light in the darkness of the passage to our own salvation. She shows us the way back to ourselves, through her storytelling of her own journey, she reminds us of our own. Stories are magic and hers are the perfect alchemy, turning our pain into power. I am eternally grateful for her presence in my life and trust her implicitly to guide the way with earth-stained face, thorn-scratched legs and beauty & grace in abundance.”

Zoe Quigney

“This is it. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for: to be rescued. And when you start doing this work, The Work that will save your life, you realize it was you who held the key to setting yourself free. You who had the power, courage, and wisdom all along. And you will wonder why you didn’t begin sooner -- why Goddess did it take me so long to come to this place, create this space for myself to surrender? But then you will realize that it could only be now; you are exactly where you need to be...the greatest trust fall you’ll ever take is into your own loving embrace.

In the new Maiden to Mother Journey, Sarah Durham Wilson has created a powerful energetic container for this journey home to Self. She holds the lamp in the dark for us to see. She is the Narrator that helps us navigate this katabasis. In sharing her own hard-won lessons of struggle, surrender, release, and reclamation we hear our own stories. She is us, and she is calling to us from the other side: you can do this, you are the only one who can do this for yourself. And I promise you it’s worth it.

I am not here to convince you of the necessity of this work; chances are if you’re reading this you know. Or you’ve heard whispers + echoes from deep within. But they’re mostly inarticulate and untranslatable. It is not yet a language you fluently speak. Let Sarah guide you through this process of deconditioning, planting new seeds, and fully blooming.

This is an initiation, one the pace + priorities of consensus reality in the modern world keeps just out of reach. But it is the gateway to unparalleled self discovery. You are the great mystery, the grandest adventure imaginable is your own psyche. All you have to do is take the first step over the threshold and sign up for the Maiden to Mother Journey.

Sarah Cozzemera