The Maiden to Mother Journey

explores the radical truth that midlife is not,

as our culture proposes,

where a woman’s power ends,

but where it really begins.


But that power comes through an ancient initiation,

a rite of passage out of girlhood into

the full moon of maturity and sovereignty over her life.


In my own life and work with other women as a teacher and guide,

I discovered that so many young women, myself included,

accepted the patriarchal lens that a woman’s pretty

was her only power and t

hat power was surface and fleeting.


Instead of entering the state of the Healthy Mother,

or the Mature Feminine,

so many women remain stuck as Wounded Maidens,

desperately trying to stay young and girlish on the outside and in effect,

remaining girls on the inside themselves- even as they age,

through midlife and beyond.

Many of these women were UnMothered,

and this journey’s intention is for

the Motherless Maidens to find the Inner Mother.


Working with the Heroine’s Journey,

the Legend of Inanna and the experiences of my own life,

I recreat the buried bridge from Maiden to Mother.


This journey draws upon the buried rite of passage into Womanhood,

and the art of alchemy;

or transforming our Maiden’s Pain into our Mother’s Wisdom

to move into wholeness.

You’ll receive personal stories,

teachings and exercises as I guide you through this initiation

into the full moon phase of your life.

This is a rebirth process,

and like every true birth,

one must go through the canal alone,

but I can midwife the journey.


You’ll receive the password for the calls upon payment .

The Maiden to Mother Journey is for the Un-Mothered Woman,

who was never shown the path or given the framework to come into maturity sovereignty and strength

-- whether her own Mother never grew up, or died young,

or that the Patriarchal culture has buried the feminine bridge to her power.

Just like the Lost Boys, unmothered in Peter Pan, this book is for the Lost Girls, unmothered - without cords to Mothers and disconnected from Mother Earth, with no internal mother.

This journey helps them cultivate an Inner Mother, s

o they no longer feel lost, scared, and abandoned.

This journey is for women facing aging,

longing to mature and access their wisdom so as not to feel like little girls in women’s bodies.

This journey is for women who long to lean into aging as an initiation into wisdom and power.


This journey is for the woman who is ready to claim her life as her own and to live a life of her own.

Who is ready to break out of her bud and bloom.

Who is ready to live a life of authenticity.

Who is ready to dismantle the inauthentic pleaser within and tear off her masks.

Who is ready to feast on life instead of accept its crumbs.

Who is ready to find herself and to follow her own path.

Who is ready to midwife herself through her own Rebirth.

Who is ready to go from a life starving on fantasy to feasting on real.

For the woman who is trapped between the archetypes of Maiden and Mother, or Princess and Queen.

Who is ready to live as what Marion Woodman called “the Mature Feminine.”

It’s for the woman stuck in the Underworld and ready to rise.

It’s for the woman who is stuck in repeated patterns of small reactive behavior.

It’s for the woman who is ready to cultivate her Inner Mother and learn how to Self Mother.

It’s for the woman who is ready to embody healthy feminine leadership.

It’s for the woman who is called to descend to the Goddess and dissent from white supremacist toxic masculine patriarchy.

For the woman who is ready to go beyond fleeting physical beauty and recognize her True & Inner Beauty.

For the woman who is ready to  receive the spiritual gifts of aging and to rewire the concepts of aging completely: to age is to gain power and not, as we’ve been told, to lose it.

This book is for the woman who is ready to answer the call of the Great Mother as her Mother Warrior.


$333 for all Nine Calls.

*Upon Payment, You’ll receive the password to log into the Portal to Access the entire journey of calls.

What People Are Saying:

”There is no spiritual leader out there like Sarah Durham Wilson. Without having to describe every detail of your life, she has this keen ability to sink in-truly see you and hold you in the most loving, empowering way. Entering midlife myself, and having followed Sarah’s own inner work to dismantle the patriarchy in herself, I became empowered to take difficult steps towards facing my own inner ageism, yet, I still found myself feeling small and afraid to truly own this new transition into true inner beauty and power. Her offerings, both Maiden to Mother and the Mother Retreat helped resurrect an inner strength, confidence, and deep self love I had lost on my path. I am no longer afraid to live as Mother and speak about Mother Work, which the world so desperately needs to heal as a collective. Sarah has and continues to play an integral part of my growth, and I recommend her over and over again to any woman who is ready to take the plunge and bloom into ‘Ma.” - Jessika V.

“In Maiden we are scared. We don’t take responsibility for ourselves and our own actions. When we act from a place of smallness and scarcity, with the need for other people’s approval or rescue and the need for everybody to love and like us, we end up hurting others and ourselves. We get stuck in the stories we tell ourselves, in our own neuroses. To be an adult, it is in fact our duty to step fully into our power, only from that place will we be strong enough for honesty and authenticity, for the hard conversations. The hard conversations are the only way to make a change, to shift something. And if this world, this earth needs anything more from us it is change, a huge shift. The planet is on fire people, we need to step into Mother. We need to Mother up! Sarah’s work is powerful and extremely potent. Nobody comes out of it untouched. This work should be mandatory, non the least for all leaders. Thank you Sarah for midwifing my rebirth, I’m for ever and ever grateful for your authenticity, humaness, mirroring, fierce loving  and enormous space holding.” - Nadia R.

“Sarah Durham first caught my attention with her beautifully crafted writings on Social Media. My heart would get tingles and my eyes would often tear up as I my breath was swept away from my chest...

From the first time I read her words, I was hooked. Finally I was reading feelings I felt and was not able yet to put into words. Well, I could put them into words, but not as poetically and precisely as her.

In the social deconstruction path I have been walking, it was just a matter of time until I had to face my own glass castle built on patriarchal ideas about who I should be, what I should do, and I who I was allowed to be.

In The Maiden to Mother Journey, Sarah was a guide who helped me reach deeper meanings, let go of rotten foundations and create new narratives about being on this planet, at this time, as potent womxn. And little did I know that as I embarked on this journey, life would present me the opportunities to walk the talk. Boom!

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to co-create with Sarah, as we manifest a ripple effect of love, compassion, kindness, depth, understanding, sacredness and soulfulness.”

  • Liz B.

“When the email popped into my inbox and I read it, I knew it was for me.  Sarah precisely and lovingly conveyed what I was experiencing.  No one has ever done that before.  Being in the Maiden to Mother program has been like getting a piece of a puzzle back that I knew was missing, yet I didn’t know where to look for it.  And it’s got me to a place that I never imagined I would be, emotionally and spiritually. At peace with myself. Ready for more. Able to look for more, able to have the courage to say I’m ready for more.  Feeling safe, able to advocate for myself, and full of hope. Thank you Sarah.” - Juliet K.