Mystic School

The Modern Day Priestess Journey

with your host,

Sarah Durham Wilson

In an attempt to keep my work as open to as many as might benefit as possible, my MYSTIC SCHOOL, recorded during two winter's ago's dark night of the soul & journey into true faith, is now on sale for just $99. 

Reopening the VELVET vaults:

Mystic School was offered at the transformational bridge:

to heal the world,  a woman must first heal her own wounds, then direct her energies to the wounds of the world. this was offered quietly, in the dark of my soul's night, as i walked that bridge from the self into the world. 

mystic school is a culmination of four years of my intensive study of the Divine Feminine, the powers of Love, Nature, Presence, and Transformation. This is an intimate live journey into the depths of the feminine, self, and earth healing.

Mystic School's intention is to serve you at my deepest level, to offer you an inner journey one takes behind velvety purple curtains.

This Divine Feminine course is a culmination of four years of deep diving and discovery. It chronicles the awakening, the coming home, the self healing, the dark night of the soul, and the rising into the light to walk as love.

As I closed four intensive years of self study and self healing to move into healing the body of the world, I closed that chapter with this six class course as an offering to women at the crest and within their awakenings.

I've put all my knowledge, aha's and love and soul into this, in the prayer that it may be of service and light the way.

Mystic School covers: 

  • Awakening 

  • Self Healing as World Healing.  

  • Diving into our personal Darkness and Ascending into the Light.  

  • Aligning with the seasons of the Earth, the phases of the Moon, and becoming a force of Nature. 

  • Staying True to You, despite the jeers, despite the fears.

  • The Hero's Journey. 

  • Goddess Energy, Witch Hunts, & Modern Priestesshood, leading Moon Circles.

  • Healing the Maiden and Rising into the Mother for the World. 

  • Balancing our Masculine & Feminine internally & externally.

  • The Dark Night of the Soul.

  • And of course, my favorite subject: Transformation.

Books recommendations & Rituals//Suggestions are included

After purchasing Mystic School you will have instant access to the following recordings...

Night One // Introduction: The Awakening

Night Two // Alignment With The Earth & The Moon

Night Three // Waking the Witch

Night Four // The Heroine's Journey

Night Five // The Dark Night Of The Soul

Night Six // Returning To The World

Each recording is between 90 minutes to 2 hours of lessons and stories of the Divine Feminine.

reading list & Rituals // suggestions included