I’m excited and ready after a deep intense postpartum year to work with you in Private Sessions again. Private sessions with me are tailored to your unique needs. They may include any or all of the following:


So many of you have asked for it & so it’s back.

A One Time Session to

+Meet Your Maiden

+Guide You Through a Transition

+Hear the Runes’ Guidance for Your Path

+ Receive Framework for Where you are in your Feminine Journey

+ Acknowledge your Purpose.



Rune/ Intuitive Path Sessions

Using Runes – ancient Nordic fortune telling stones that have been used since Pre-Viking times – I can help you to find a path out of the dark, or part the veils into the mystery for you, which is what all true oracles do.

If you’re feeling lost, confused or stalled, I can help you find your path and your own receptive intuition again.

I’ll listen to the blocks you’re feeling in your life, and we’ll open up to what Spirit has to say. So much of this is about renewing the life force in you, tapping into your own power to hear yourself and Spirit.

Well also use our time to come up with rituals you can practice to signal the changes you’re calling into your life.

A deep part of my work is to invite women into the fold of the Goddess, or the Feminine Spirit of God. We’ll work with opening up to the Goddess and her messages for you. 

After the reading we’ll hold space for more messages to come and make sure you feel more found and held.

I am of Celtic and Scandinavian lineage, and it’s my Scandinavian ancestors who brought the runes to me, through my own mother when she was young. I’ve been reading them and working with their energy since I was twelve years old.

Maiden to mother passages

There is a point in a woman’s life when she begins to feel stuck in Maiden, after the healthy stage of Maiden has passed.

She is tired of waiting for her life to begin, tired of seeking outside of herself for answers, tired of feeling her worth is based on her looks, tired of seeking her purpose, tired of “running,” tired of wallowing in her wounds, tired of feeling inferior to or jealous of other women, tired of being stuck in her patterns, tired of being a girl.

She’s ready to be a woman and alchemize the wisdom she learned from the wounds in Maiden, and become the Medicine Keeper, Wisdom Well, Protector and Guider she knows herself deeply to be.

One of my main passions is to help women across this threshold into the Fullness, the Full Moon of their lives, the archetype of MOTHER.

I help you do this with a custom designed ritual to mark your Passageway into the Powerful MidLife Mark of your Life.

With the buried nature of the Feminine Mysteries, we don’t openly cross these thresholds in our culture. The work, now, together, is to bring these ceremonies, rituals and traditions back into our lives.


I’m a big believer in the hidden magic of transitions in one’s life as powerful places of transformation. Whether you are in a break up, ready to leave a job, moving home or location or any other big transition, with the help of Rune Wisdom, we can navigate this powerful time in your life together.

I want to especially offer a hand to women finding themselves after having a child. There is a very fine gossamer thread to trace back to Spirit that we must grasp and not let go of, to become who we are meant to be after this huge transition.


Sessions are one hour, conducted virtually on Skype, with a minimum of a three-session package to ensure the deep shift is made.

Once purchased…


3 session package

$700 USD (save $50)

6 session package

$1300 USD (save $200)

12 session package

$2400 USD (save $600)


If you have any questions about the packages, please contact me.