Step One


Welcome to the Seven Steps to Stay in Mother.



If you're here. You're on the bridge into the Fullness of Your Womanhood.






It's been a long road and your Maiden is exhausted. Let's Get Her Some Well Deserved REST.



Let's Start with Step One of Staying in the Mother Archetype.









Maybe the bills are piling up and you're panicking.


Maybe someone wrote you a nasty email or text or said it to you in person.


Maybe the unexpected had happened, the rug has been pulled out under your feet.


Maybe someone just made you really dang angry.


Or, they poked you in the shadow, or a wound that needs healing.


Maybe you got called out or felt "attacked" on ... Social Media, the place we so often feel triggered.


Or Maybe Maybe Maybe the State of the World has you panicked and depressed.


Maybe you feel left out or hurt or neglected, or your classic Wounded Maiden Abandonment Wound has been triggered.



Let's zoom in on that word, triggered.



Don't pull the trigger when you've been triggered.



This is time for the Mother to Rise + Pause. Gather herself, Gather her Maiden on her lap, + take control. If you react to the immediate feeling of being out of control, you will be even further out of control. Response puts our higher self back in control. The Wounded one wants to react. When we react from our woundedness, we become even more wounded.



The Mother will respond in a way that establishes boundaries and respect for all parties, first and foremost herself. The Mother will respond with Sacred Action.


She might even decide: Not to Respond at all.


But a reaction will cause a chain reaction.


Lemme tell you from the Personal: I have regretted EVERY time I reacted from Wounded Maiden. I have thanked the Goddess EVERY TIME I heard her nudge me to take the sacred pause and respond from my center and my Source.


SO MUCH wisdom can come into the space we create between the trigger and the response. This is where we allow for Spirit, or Mother Wisdom to create a healing response.



Someone told me once, for every one idea we have, God/dess has a million.



Stay Curious about your triggers, and Love In before Acting Out.


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