Here is the The Second Step to Stay In Mother:

If you break the Maiden to Mother Passage down by nature analogies, which I tend to do a lot when teaching the Maiden into Mother Journey: the Maiden is the Waxing Moon, the Energy of Becoming.

The Mother is the Full Moon, the energy of BEING. 

So whenever we find ourselves overly regretting or romanticizing the past, OR whenever we find ourselves anxiously thinking or fretting or even dreaming too much of the future, we tend to be OUT of Mother.

The Mother's Throne is the Present. There, she has arrived, she has BLOOMED.

She is open to her life as it is, as its co- Creator, and she is in love with it. The Energy of Life moves through her as sacred vessel.

Also: The Mother Anchors + Affects all those in her orbit, so...

Her Serenity comes from her present state of mind, her being here nowness, and with that comes that energy of creation, gratitude, power and grace. Others are attracted to this essence like a bee to a flower. 

And, as all those around her are all affected by the Mother's presence-  if she is anxious (worrying about the future), so is the room. If she depressed (the past) so is the room. If she is in Presence at Peace- you got it- so is the room.

To be in her Power, the Mother must be present. She can then bring others into their presence, where they are also in their power.

It is only in the present moment that we have the power to change our lives. 

"STAY WITH ME,"- Love, The Present. 

You've got this.