Image: Cristina McAllister

Image: Cristina McAllister

There would be no Medicine of the Mother without the Wounds of the Maiden. 

Dear One,


One thing we learned AGAIN and AGAIN in Maiden was the lesson of self care and nourishment. 

TREES are some of the best MOTHER TEACHERS around. 

Notice how they nourish up from the roots so they can give from their leaves.

And the more nourished they are, the stronger they are. The less nourishment they have, the more they'll fall for the slightest gust of wind. 


Trees are ALWAYS receiving so they can give.

And EDD (every damn day) stuff is going to blow at us.

In Wounded Maiden, maybe we fell apart early and often.

In Mother Archetype, too much depends on us to fall apart.

And we have learned, we must have inner support and be able to depend on ourselves.

We can't let every gust of wind blow us over.

And in order for that to not happen, we must be Self Nourished. Constantly.

Check your source tank before doing anything. Are you self sourced? Do you know how to do so?

We know we can't drive on an empty tank, still we often enter the world, interact with others, without being self sourced. 

In Wounded Maiden, maybe we often reached out for someone or something - some other Source-  to hold us up. And that never lasted. That was endless ups and downs.

In Mother, we check in with our own Source and we keep that Source strong and we keep it Steady.

And that's an eternal, internal connection.

Tree Medicine all starts with the ROOTS. It returns us back to the basics of the root chakra, which is ALL ABOUT self care, and of course our connection to The Mother: The Earth and our Bodies. 

Do we feel safe? Do we feel grounded? Are our boundaries are in place?

Are we, like children, hungry, or cold, or tired? 

We make sure we are well fed, as well slept as we can be, we take care of our bodies, and we take care of our souls, by loving in, checking in-- we stop, and ask in.

We ask ourselves like we would ask a friend, a child, a partner:

"What Do You Need Right Now?"

And in the silence, the answers come. 

Tea, Sleep, Deep Breaths, even a rageful primal scream into the wind- sometimes all we have is just a Moment of Self Love and Care, before Offering ourselves to the World. But it matters immensely. 

As always, the world is better off when we are taking care of ourselves, and always, we teach by example. 

If you're interested in the Archetypal Mother Journey, check it out here, we launch May 11 and doors close May 9!