Due to popular demand, registration is remaining open for the Coven Conversations. Once you join you'll have access to All Calls. 

The Dalai Lama said, 

"The World Will Be Saved by the Western Woman,"

and I agree, she might just be a burning world's last chance. But before she saves the world, she has to save herself. So how? These Conversations will dive into that question, perhaps the most pressing question there is: 

"How do we heal ourselves to heal the world?"

As my sister Shakti likes to say,  






 No one can do this alone, and I don't just "do it" alone, I do it with an army of angels beside me. THESE ARE MY SACRED SISTERS. THESE ARE THE WOMEN WHO INSPIRE ME & KEEP THE FIRE LIT WITHIN ME. THIS IS MY GODDESS GANG. THIS IS MY SISTERHOOD, THIS IS MY LOVE ARMY





The number one question women have asked me in this five years of work is "How do I find my purpose?"

The most amazing truths arise from intimate, authentic conversations. Here we speak with women who have walked the path of fire & trial to find their truths. The feminine learns through life experience & storytelling, the shared wisdom of other women moves directly through our own souls (we know about all those books on your shelf. And they are beautiful. But something different, a cellular shift, happens when you hear a woman tell you her own story in the present moment). Here we listen to their herstories & receive their healing wisdom. (And you will be able to submit your questions & ask them directly). 


Here we enter sacred discourse/to change this deadly course/this planet is on because the essences of the feminine: among them: Love, intuition, ancient wisdom, healing, connection to self & Gaia, compassion for self & others, are what the planet & its people sorely need. 

Here we rock the sinking boat and rise up together.

Here we are really going to go there. Into the shadow, the darkness where the gold is, into the underworld to heal our collective feminine wounds. Here we share herstory: Because her story is your story, AND YOUR STORY IS HERS, and stories connect us, and connection heals. 

Her Mirror Causes Miracles. 

We'll ask the Speakers in this Coven/ what is her-story? How did she find her path? How has she healed herself, and how is she healing the world around her? What is her service to this planet in peril? How is she acting on the dreams which keep her awake? How does she stay awake in a world that sedates, de-sensitizes & separates us? How does she walk as Love in a world of Fear?

PLUS: YOUR QUESTIONS, which you are free to submit once you ENTER THE COVEN.






“I feel split wide open with awareness, understanding (Maybe? Learning) from tonight's Coven. It has given me courage to share my herstory. I've been right on the the edge....going over now” -Kerene


“The power of this coven, of ALL of you, leaves me speechless. I have never in my life been so touched, so inspired, so incredibly grateful, as I have been listening and reading each story, thought and offering here.” -Maggie


“I was called to sign up for this from the minute I heard of it, I was aching to join the Coven Conversations. and I am so glad I did: to hear other women going through the same things, to have come out of this on the other side and maintained their grace is so unbelievably uplifting. I am loving these so much. thank you, thank you, thank you.” -Becca


“These are the women I want around me, and I am so glad you're here. Being you. Shining your bright fucking FABULOUS light. Shine on wild priestesses. Shine. ON.”


“Thank you for this awesome platform and these amazing guests. You are weaving such juicy discussions and unveiling such wonderful wisdom for us to dive into.” -Danielle 


“I need to say how much I value this space and how much joy and insight the Coven Conversations are giving me!” -Emma


“What an amazing circle of wild women/witches/magic-makers we are spinning, sisters - I feel so inspired by you all.”  -Jennifer


“I am so grateful for The Coven Conversations! I'm letting myself feel it all! Thank you ‪Sarah Durham Wilson‬ for holding the space for such illumination and healing xxx”



“Hi Sisters, I've been reading your words and hearing your stories and it has been like medicine to my soul. I signed up on a whim as well and I'm so happy I did! The first coven call woke up a part of me that I had shamed and put in hiding a long time ago. Since then a deep healing has taken place yet again. My life has been full of death/rebirth cycles so I'm used to the intensity but it most definitely has not been easy. Last night shined a light on a deep exile wound that needs to be healed.” -Stacie

“These conversations are healing me....I am not sure what I was expecting when I signed up it is never easy to heal but it is necessary” -Amanda


“Wow, these conversations are SO juicy, eye opening, inspiring, I am in love with this Coven! I am honored to be a part of this Sisterhood and want to say MUCH gratitude to our Teachers here on the Coven Conversations, you are generous with your wisdom and love, thank you for sharing with us, teaching us... and I am grateful to our Fellow Sisters here within the Circle for being so open and raw. For teaching, sharing, enlightening one another with their Wisdom and Experience....you are all beautiful and full of magic.I am glad to meet you and look forward to getting to know all of you Goddesses here in sacred circle. Much <3, sisters xo” Melissa


“stepping in. arms flung wide. I am here. and so are you. how blessed we are to be together. in the coven.” 


“I truly believe that people are looking for stories that really mean something–stories that are redemptive, inspiring, and bigger than an individual.”
— Scott Harrison


I have shared my herstory with the world for five years, and now my mission is sharing the stories of my sisters. 

Before I fell and rose, rose and fell, into this wild spiritual life under the pen name DOITGIRL (I once told a best selling spiritual author, "sometimes I feel like I just f*ck up, find myself/God, and f*ck up again," and he asked, "what else is there?") my first calling was as a rock journalist, fusing writing with my wildly passionate love of music. My first job was as an intern at my dream magazine, Rolling Stone,  and from there on I went to VH1, GQ, Vanity Fair and Interview & Flaunt Magazine, before my life was destroyed for a much more authentic re-creation (deep bow, Kali). I believe in the Golden Thread, that every step we take leads to the next, and looking back, it all eventually ties together, having groomed you with grace for this sacred place, here, this present moment where we have each convened. 

You had to go there, to get here.

As I've learned through my retreats & workshops & circles, the sharing of women's stories is the elixir to the repressed and wounded feminine. We see ourselves in the mirror of other women, my story is her story, her story is my story, and we are de-isolated and healed by connection. We are no longer alone but all-one. I'm extremely honored to put my extensive interviewing experience into service and give voice to the sisters who continue to inspire & heal me & many, many others on the path. I always wondered why I went through five years at some of the world's biggest magazines. Now, I finally, I know why: to share these women's stories. 

This is my service to the sisterhood. I have never even worked this hard on a college term paper or a cover story on Kanye West.

This baby has been a very long time in birthing.

I so deeply believe in this cause because of my passion for Sacred Activism. I believe once we align with Love it's time to Act. I believe the women on this call are Love in Action. I see so many women holding the pain body of the world & deeply ill & depressed. This tribe I've gathered holds sacred healing wisdom & will inspire the coven to actively heal themselves. When we see someone else doing it, we know we can do it too.  As our own Mothers & Mothers to the world, we heal when we are in service to the Great Mother & the Other. Until we find our sacred service, we suffer. We each have the power to change our lives, and no one has more God in them than you. And once we act & see active change in our lives, we heal ourselves of depression.

And we realize, 



How do I have access to these calls?

These are LIVE CALLS with a call in number which will be mailed to you prior to our launch date. 

What if I miss a call?

You're busy. And international. We get that. And it's all good in the sisterhood. All calls will be recorded and downloadable, plus, their transcripts will be accessible within 5 days time after the call. 

Will there be a Q&A afterwards?

At this point in time, we highly suggest you submit your questions prior to the Interviews, as in the past, which is how we learn, Q&A can get a little cray. Still, if enough people ask, we'll stay open to opening the lines up. The calls, however, are going to run long as is. Some nights, the nights with two Sister Speakers, will even run over 2 hours. 

How Can I Submit My Questions?

You will be sent those directions upon Admittance. 


Herstory has been repressed for centuries, & the only story that was allowed to be told was: History. No wonder we don't feel whole. We haven't had access to our WHOLE STORY. Here we revive the ancient medicinal & empowering practice of women in circle sharing their stories and healing wisdom. 

Why "COVEN"?

A major part of my work is de-stigmatizing the witch. One crack of a herstory book reveals the witch hunts were a femicide against women. All women. Not just, but including, wild, autonomous healers & wise women who honored the earth & didn't bow to patriarchy. Who dared believe if there were a sun & also a moon, a night as well as day, that if there were a male God, there could also be a female God. A GODDESS. A POWERFUL DIVINE WOMAN, whose power came from within. Witches, the Healers, were hunted for their feminine powers of intuition & self healing, earth worship, midwifery, herbal medicine & more,  & covens were dismantled because of the infinite power of women coming together with common healing intentions. Because, like Brett Dennen sings, "their power posed a threat." (Have you ever felt you power made others feel uncomfortable or threatened, so you shrank & got small & realized that, too, didn't work at all?) In short, they were too powerful so they were buried. This is our un-earthing. ("They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds. We are the granddaughters of the witches you couldn't burn.")



My soul grew heavy & depressed when I attempted to put together another school. (And signs were everywhere I wasn't supposed to keep treading the same worn path, like my computer freezing over & over again & losing the curriculum, in addition to my own passionless state.) So  I went in & in & in & asked to be guided, & the Coven Conversations came into my consciousness, suddenly my inner fire was re-lit & I was passionate again. I knew I was finally back on the right track after months in the dark. In short, my light was turned back on. Further recognition: every single woman on this call jumped at the chance to share themselves with you. It was a resounding, angelic chorus of "YES." And instead of a classic tele course, & also in an attempt at avoiding the traps of hierarchal teaching (something I never enjoyed or succeeded at) these calls are circular bonfireside chats fusing the teachings of the Feminine: women who speak from the fire-charred bones of their life lessons, from the wisdom earned in those fires, which paved the paths of their purpose. Women are the storytellers. let's re-write herstory. 

                         (I had to live this, so I could learn this, so I could teach this. THIS IS THE PATH OF THE SACRED HEALER.

Here are their offerings from their bones to your bones. I believe in setting a place for the Goddess in order to invite her in, and these calls will serve as intimate parties in honor of the Cosmos's most elegant guest. (I learned about setting a place for the divine while sitting at the feet of Bhagavan Das). We will open & close calls honoring self & spirit.

Each Tuesday night features one or more uniquely beautiful face of the Goddess. We'll dive deep. None of these women do surface small talk. These women go there, because they have been there.   The wisdom which arises from the cauldron of these calls will not be what you don't know, it will be a deep return to and re-membering of the wild wise woman wisdom within your soul, the re-opening of the sacred tomb within, a re-embrace of herstory, which is your story. Here I share with you the women who have shared themselves with me, and in turn, returned to me bits of my soul. Re-minded me of Who I Am. This wisdom is your birthright. And we are here to serve it and share it. So just hold on, we're going home.

Admittance to the Coven Grants:

Access to DOWNLOADED, as well as TRANSCRIBED calls accessible by password on doitgirl.com.

The option to participate by sending in your OWN questions to the sisters prior to the interview. This is your time to ask what you've always wanted to ask in the areas of: 

self healing. earth shamanism. self love. midwifery. astrology. modern witchery. re-wilding. business coaching. healthy rage. aging with grace. sacred leadership. masc & femme energies. embodiment. the alchemy of writing. sacred sexuality. meditation. finding Your soul mate. yoga nidra. green witchery. sacred queenhood. holistic healing. manifestation
& more.


Covens for the Priestesses enrolled in Coven Conversations will be held on the three New Moons during the three month call time:


This is the time for you to share your story, or offer what has come up for you in the Conversations. This is heart based Council and not a conversation, you will speak your story to the tribe and they will hold space to hear you, but we won't be going back and forth. We will move through the circle, holding silent space for each sister. Time limit is ten minutes, in order to allow others the space to speak. Please mark your calendars if these covens call to you. 
I will open & close coven. 


- "What DoES THE AWAKENED WILD WOMAN WANT?" A bonfireside chat with leading feminine luminaries on how relationships are changing with the paradigm.

- "from maximum security prisons to MAXIMUM surrender" An interview with YOGA NIDRA & yoga therapy MASTER MARIE BAILEY on herstory of awakening




   *THE BOOK PREVIEW & THE DIVINE MOTHER NIDRA will both be available 7.1.15 & mailed to your inbox. 

“We used all of our resources in each moment, and our ability to heal intensified as we each acknowledged our part in the design, learning to bond with each other, to merge our spirits, and to love unconditionally. We all unified our knowledge more and more with the experience of our being, learning to live the pathway we had chosen.
And for each of us, this choice was a beautiful one, for it began the fulfillment of our callings.” - I Remember Union, The Story of Mary Magdalena, Flo Aeveia Magdalena

7.7.15. COVEN. CALL. ONE.

 "living your WITCH into the world" featuring Lisa lister & shakti sunfire. 


Our Herstory. Shakti  & I were setting up our first Waking the Wild Woman tele course call ever, and we had first time jitters. Because the first time you do anything is your initiation, and you're going to learn a lot, i.e., make a ton of "mistakes." One day Shakti emailed me. "Oh man," she said, "Now I'm even more nervous. There's this woman on the call, she's so amazing, I want to take HER courses!" It was Lisa Lister, our red hot counterpart in the UK, near Glastonbury, that sacred land of the Goddess. I've gotten to know Lisa well over the past two years, and we've become devoted sisters on the path. She's someone to whom can tell anything , and she has this deep dark loving presence of the Goddess. You feel taken into her velvety lap and totally loved, by a force much greater than human. She's an author, yoga teacher, tarot designer, women's circle leader, feminine mentor, menstrual cycle master, and bad ass Kali breathing witch. We'll talk to Lisa about herstory, resurrecting Avalon, teaching women, sacred priestessing, oracles, loving our lady parts, walking as a witch in the modern world, ritual, plus your questions.

ABOUT LISA. Crowned ‘the defender of female awesomeness’ by Cooler magazine, Lisa Lister – writer, plus-size yoga teacher, feminista + menstrual maven – is dedicated to helping women to crack their lady code – an ancient code connected directly to mumma nature, the moon and your menstrual cycle – that once cracked, gives you insta-access to monthly super powers that can be used to create a business and life you love. www.thesassyshe.com 


“We must open our eyes and expand our consciousness. We need the moist, juicy, green caring feminine to heal the wounded dry, brittle overextended masculine in our culture otherwise we inhabit a wasteland .” Maureen Murdock, The Heroine’s Journey



When your heroine is one of your best friends. Five years ago I had just leapt off the shore of normal and began the path of my awakening (which is never ever over, we are always waking up, thank Goddess) and my soul called me to the Big Island of Hawaii. I had been researching the words that were newly floating in my consciousness and I found a retreat Shakti Sunfire was co-leading on the Big Island with yogic belly dancing goddess Marni Sclaroff (hi Marni!). I don't remember seeing any pictures of Shakti, I just had this one vision of a wise, wood-dwelling witch with long white hair and nails and the earth's muddy flesh smeared on her face. I met her soul before I even met Shakti! At the retreat, which was the first thing I had ever, ever done like that (terrifying, and I made sure she knew it) I had another vision. That we would lead witchy yoga retreats, together. Me, a jobless ex-rock journalist who was trying to shake a valium addiction (we can talk about that. We can talk about addiction. We can talk about the desire to suppress yourself in what can feel like a terrifying world. We can talk about it all, I don't believe in repression, or shaming ourselves for our secrets). Shakti, at the time was an internationally famous hooper & yogini who just that month was gracing the cover of Yoga Journal. I thought she would call me crazy but I pulled her aside and told her anyway. I had lost everything and had nothing left to lose. She just looked me with her gleaming cat eyes and said "Yes. Yes we will." And now we do. Moral? Answer your callings, darlings.  WE like to get juicy. I'll talk to Laura about herstory, the heroine's journey, her sacred work for the Earth, its people & creatures, the way of the modern witch, coming out of the broom closet, authentic teaching, sacred leadership, projections, shadow work, owning your humanity while doing divine work, the lovers & the haters, and we'll include your questions as well.

ABOUT SHAKTI: An internationally recognized movement guide and an advocate of the Earth, Shakti Sunfire blends her deep love of conscious dance, classical Tantra, yoga, mythology, ecology, and the study of many nature-based traditions into inspiring thematic explorations of Soul. All designed to coax the essential self to the frontier of our life conversation. You might have seen her dancing on the Wanderlust Festival main stage, or on the cover of Yoga Journal. A true rolling stone, Shakti teaches workshops, leads retreats, and performs all over the world. The visionary woman in her has founded The Rhythm Way, and gotten her published and featured in countless books, articles, images and DVDs. A passionate writer, Shakti dives deep into human experience, exposing universal connection and poignant synchronicity through mytho-poetic narrative. You can find more of her work on Rebelle SocietyElephant Journal and in Origin Magazine. Shakti has studied the healing powers of the body with Emilie Conrad of Continuum Movement and Terri Carter of Somatic Movement Arts. She has deepened her knowledge and delighted in the ancient art of Soul Astrology with Astrologer and Soul Guide, Sheila Belanger, and has traversed the river of Soul with visionary Bill Plotkin - founder of the Animas Valley Institute. She is an initiate on the Priestess Path of Awakening Avalon with Holly Hamilton. All of whom are influences and teachers that she continues to work with to this day. Shakti has studied and been wildly inspired by the work of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola EstesJean Shinoda BolenCarl JungDemetra GeorgeJames Hillman, Joanna MacyJean Houston and the great soul poets,David WhyteRainer Maria Rilke, and Mary Oliver to name a few.  Her passion and playful spirit has won her a variety of awards and graced her with success in all fields of self expression from writing, visionary event curation, and powerful performance, to ignited teaching and leadership; which in her philosophy are all part of the same spiraling journey into the heart. www.therhythmway.com


“Most women I know are priestesses and healers... We are, all of us, sisters of a mysterious order.”
Marianne Williamson

COVEN CALL. TWO. 7.14.15. 



Our Herstory: I've experienced, and still walk in, my Dark Night of the Soul (hence being out here in New Mexico doing my WERK, girl). The DNOTS is when the Divine, which once enchanted and seduced you- and what you gave up everything to serve, including steady jobs, old friendships, even family, comfort, and well, not freaking people out for-  leaves. Leaves like a lover who promised you'd be together forever and nothing could ever hurt you again. You were safe. And then you fall into the Belly of the Whale, What's The Point, I Give Up, F*ck Everything Black Bell Jar of Despair. True terror. The long crossing of a dark river on an endless, starless night. A river only crossed in faith. We'll share that story, and a lot of other stories in coven, and most of them we'll toss into the fire. At the beginning of my dark night, Emily was recommended to me by my super cool friend Ruby of the Numinous, and so like a drowning woman floundering for a life raft, I followed my soul call & reached out to her. And she did that thing that's the most beautiful gift we can give to each other: she listened to me. In all my dying animal wails. Really really listened, to a stranger no less, and she told me everything was going to be ok, and there was a way through. She received me. Emily practices that most divinely feminine art of receiving. That forgotten feminine art: How to Manifest & Receive What You Really Want. We'll talk herstory, why receiving is our most sacred power, then she's going to walk us through rituals to manifest what fills our cup, so we can be turned on and of service. (Cuz you know you can't serve empty).


Emily Tepper helps you get what you want with fun, grace, and ease. She will change your relationship to manifesting forever with her methods, tools, and power practices, getting you clear on what you want, removing the blocks, and leaving you porous, sparkling, open, and ready to finally receive your desires. She is passionate about the liberating power of self love. She takes you on a journey where you finally stop beating up on yourself so you can get what you want without having to struggle or strain at all. Earlier in her life, she had all of the outward indicators of success - major awards as a Modern Dancer, dancing with a big dance company at Lincoln Center, NYC (where they filmed Black Swan!) with the New York Metropolitan Opera Ballet, a marriage, a great body, a Masters Degree in designing experiences, and a career as a future forecaster for a famous futurist, telling futures for fortune 500 companies - but everything had been achieved through struggle - so none of it took traction and she kept “losing it all.” Through her recovery, Emily mastered the power of feminine energy to partner her powerful yang/masculine energy she was accustomed to operating with. She also mastered the art & science of give & receive. All of a sudden, everything started coming to her with ease, grace, and FUN! Many things even grander and more wonderful then she could ever plan for, and without having to stress or strain at all. If you are feeling manifestation challenged, and you are finally fed up with it, she is the leading go-to coach. With her background as a dancer, hands on healer, bodyworker, intuitive, coach, & designer of experiences, Emily is lovingly become known as the hipster mystic, utilizing her healing powers like a psychic surgeon at the intersection of body, mind and spirit. When you coach with Emily, you get new access to your body body’s ability to provide all your answers - as the address to your soul, and you Master your Total Body Intelligence, learning to get what you want quickly with your intuition, psychic skills (yes, you have them!), body smarts, and feminine energy. www.lifemanifestation.com



Our Herstory.  Liz and I met two years ago through our mutual friend Malia Scott, and what stuck with me after our first conversation was the way she ravished her food and a full glass of wine as she tore into our conversation with equal appetite. She was full bodied and alive and excited to share and experience and learn. A friend of mine once said "The Goddess is a slut for experience," and she meant it in the most reverential way, that the awakened Goddess has a lust to taste, take and be taken by life. Liz has that same ravishing energy. She once gave a female client an orgasm just by leading her through a life-loving second chakra meditation, and she'll be leading us through a similar feminine fire-stoking journey. We'll talk about her wild path of healing, from self loathing in the city to an awakening reiki treatment that brought on an ocean of tears that changed her life.  And just like after any full blown storm, the world looked that much more clear and beautiful. "After that I took every healing course and program I could," Liz said, "and I was like 'wow, this shit works.'"


Elizabeth Davis is a healer, yoga teacher, and vital energy coach.  Through her work Elizabeth has been able to help clients empower themselves on a mental, physical and spiritual level.  Her strength is to help you reframe your thoughts, actions, emotions, and beliefs.  Elizabeth's wish is to serve, empower, and energize, so you can have the life you truly want and deserve. "Spirituality is everything to me because to me, everything is spiritual.   Meaning, everything has beauty and magic, even in the darkest places.  Why I am so passionate about this work is because my entire life has changed because of it.  I am able to look at myself in the mirror and be in LOVE with who is looking back at me.  I am excited to look at the shadowy parts of you because that is where there is so much growth and opportunity." www.lizcdavis.com

“If you’re going to have a story, have a big story, or none at all.” -Joseph Campbell


"The awakened WOMAN in LOVE with herself & the WORLD"



Our Herstory. Catherine & I crossed paths at a crossroads in my life, when she reached out a helping hand & has stayed in my life ever since. OK, I'll tell you exactly when. It was when I wanted to get sober, when alcohol was continually depressing me & making me sick. Two glasses, & I couldn't rise in the morning. And Catherine said CALL ME ANYTIME & we had never met. That was three years ago. My sobriety has been an on & off journey, (every two months I try to socialize with a few glasses) but Catherine passes no judgement. She's a life coach who teaches through Unconditional Love, you can't make her mad, you let her down. She sees you through the eyes of God & teaches you do to the same. When I "f*ck up," I tell her, & she loves me for my humanity & allows me to see my innocence. Catherine studies & teaches on A Course in Miracles & coaches women on the path to radical self love, which leads to finding the love of their life. We'll talk to Catherine about herstory, her purpose & path, how healing others heals her, heartbreak & healing, giving it all up just to get it, sobriety, God, mysticism (her passionate love for the Divine), plus your questions. 

ABOUT CATHERINE.  Catherine Hummel works with women who've lost their spark to rediscover the magic in living.  
 Her mission is to support and inspire women to build a life that radiates with passion and fulfillment while loving who they are. 
Through coaching her purpose is to take you on the journey to your heart. To uncover the things that hold you back, discover the depth of who you are - embracing all of your wisdom and greatness, and discard all of the things that are no longer working so you can be propelled forward into the life of your dreams. She aims to support you in your journey to awakening. Together she works in collaboration with her clients to transform limiting beliefs and behaviors and fearlessly pursue and create the life you long for. Her vision is for everyone to be more conscious, confident, and in love with themselves and their life. www.catherine-hummel.com 

They say a good love is one that sits you down, gives you a drink of water, and pats you on top of the head. But I say a good love is one that casts you into the wind, sets you ablaze, makes you burn through the skies and ignite the night like a phoenix; the kind that cuts you loose like a wildfire and you can’t stop running simply because you keep on burning everything that you touch! I say that’s a good love; one that burns and flies, and you run with it!”
— C. JoyBell C.



OUR HERSTORY.  I also met Lara in the hot springs of the Guadelupe Canyon in Mexico. She had the calm presence of The Goddess, serene, wise, mysterious & like she walked on air. She had such a presence that I asked our mutual friend Shakti about her, almost intimidated by Lara's grace at the time. "What does she do?" I asked Shakti. "Well, she's a fantastic yoga teacher," said Shakti, "And, she teaches women about their sacred sexuality." "Oh," I clammed up. "I know nothing about that." "Most women don't," Shakti said. "That's why her work is so important." My sexuality had always gotten me in TROUBLE. So I had tried to turn it off, ashamed of it, almost my whole life. Here was a woman who walked around with the healthiest second chakra energy I had ever seen, with a primal, sensual, awakened powerful energy. It was like watching a Jaguar slink through the forest at twilight. We had the honor of hosting Lara on one of our Wild Women calls, & I basically thanked her for re-introucing me to my vagina. I had almost, I said, forgotten I had one. Lara's going to do a lot more than remind you of yours, we'll talk to her about awakening our sacred sexual powers, healing sexual shame, why our sexual power is THE most powerful energy we have, self pleasure. her work as a doula, her women's school for sexual wellness & health, her beautiful new program: the Artemis School, plus your questions. www.laracatone.com & www.theartemisschool.com 

ABOUT LARA CATONE. Lara Catone is inspiring women worldwide to reclaim their health and the wisdom of their bodies.  As a writer, yoga teacher and sexual wellness coach, Lara supports women in aligning with their reproductive cycles, finding sexual wholeness, navigating changes during the childbearing years and owning their authentic feminine expression. Lara has spent the past 15 years studying the healing arts and has attended over 50 women in labor as a birth doula and midwife assistant.  She is a certified Sexological Bodyworker, Somatic Sexologist and yoga teacher with a decade of experience. She is a sought after speaker and teaches workshops and retreats worldwide.  Lara is an active blogger and the creator of the podcast, Sex Lab with Lara. She is regularly featured as an expert in the media including Playboy TV’s Sextreme Makeover. Lara is an innovator in the modern expression of yoga bringing into union the ancient feminine arts with modern science.  Her teaching style is at once profoundly deep and irreverently playful creating a warm, safe space for students to open. Lara has recently launched The Artemis School for Women’s Sexual Wellness to train and certify other practitioners in Women’s Holistic Sexuality.  In 2015 Lara is also releasing her revolutionary program, Restore Your Core:  Strength & Vitality for Moms.  Lara’s mission is to contribute to the evolution of women’s holistic wellness and sexuality, empowering radiant health and pleasure for all.

I was taken into the circle and they taught me, through visions, about mating: touching my body and awakening my memory of passion and giving me permission to love, to nourish my essence, and to have pleasure through my body.”
— I Remember Union, The Story of Mary Magdalena

COVEN. CALL. FOUR. 7.28.15



Our Herstory. On my home, the sacred of island of Martha's Vineyard, I had heard a lot about the magical natural healing ways of Heather Thurber. I saw the sign for her land, Breezy Pines Farm, every morning during my walks at Sepiessa Point, the sweet water in the woods. Finally riddled with Lyme, I army crawled my way into her studio and entered the womb of her dark healer's room and fell into her deep ancient practice. I was sold. She has since taught gemstone & herbal medicine at our Waking the Wild Woman Gathering, and continues to heal her community day by day, and when she's not doing that she's healing herself by being knee deep in her garden, where she feels most at home. We'll talk to Heather about the vital work of a community healer, her path & purpose, continuing the ancient lineage of medicine women in the modern world, which herbs & gems heal which ailments, plus your questions. 

ABOUT HEATHER.  Heather Thurber is a 20 year traditionally trained herbalist, medical aromatherapist, organic farmer and Kripaulu-trained Ayurveda practitioner.  Working with women and children since 1994, Heather's healing mission is "to educate and inspire optimal life fulfillment and fundamentally transform lives in which individuals consciously utilize and tune to their inborn abilities to heal and live in balance". Heather offers plant medicine consults, Ayurveda bodywork services and gardening mentoring at her farm on Martha's Vineyard. www.breezypinesfarm-mv.com

“Whether the plant is to heal the body or the spirit, or whether it is part of an apprenticeship, what makes it work is your good intention towards the plant. They are beings which have their own forms, or they can be like human beings with faces and bodies. When the spirit accepts the person, and the person has the will, the spirit grants them energy. The path to knowledge opens, and the healing takes place.”
— From Guillermo Arevalo, a Shipibo Maestro.


Our Herstory. When asked to describe Hillary I think of pure light. She is joy walking, a childlike vision of  youth, exuberance, and health, a walking billboard for her services. You see her & think, "I wanna feel like THAT." I met Hillary first in the hot springs Guadalupe Canyon, and then went to her in the canyon of Topanga, for deep Ayurvedic Healing which transformed the way I ate and my relationship to food and my body. I suppose Hillary & I meant to connect in canyons, for now I offer her to you from the red rock canyons of New Mexico. Like many women aligned with the earth, I have a chronic disease, which leads me to seek out some pretty miraculous healers. The earth is sick, so why wouldn't we be, and asked to heal ourselves as we heal her? Sickness has been my invitation to a deeper more nurturing relationship with my body, and Hillary was my guide. Her joy & love for humanity is infectious, the good kind of infection, the kind that heals. We'll talk herstory, your dosha type & what it means, aligning holistically with the seasons, how to love  & listen to your beautiful body, holistic nutrition & honoring food as medicine, & why that lifestyle choice is life-changing. 

ABOUT HILLARY.  Hillary is a Certified Massage Practitioner and Ayurvedic Body Therapy Specialist. She is also a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher and Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Born in 1975, Hillary suffered from ill health from birth as the result of being raised on processed and fast foods. At the age of twelve she became interested in the correlation between the food she ate and her health. Using nutrition, Yoga, and Ayurveda, Hillary eventually cured herself and commenced her formal training in Ayurvedic body and lifestyle care. She completed the Ayurvedic Body Therapy programs at the California College of Ayurveda in 2010 and Massage Technician Training at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing in 2011. In 2001 she completed both Yoga Teacher Training and Traditional Thai Massage Training. Hillary is most passionate about soothing the nervous system with Ayurvedic body therapies as well as the transformational detoxification process of Pancha Karma, advocating self-love through nourishing foods, rest, nature, and laughter.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
— Hippocrates

COVEN. CALL. FIVE. 8.4.15 



Ayesha was called to last year's Waking the Wild Woman Gathering in Joshua Tree by a "mysterious" force, but we know who embodies mystery-- The Goddess Herself. We had an instant connection, we shared sass & a sacred wound. I was drawn to her ancient powerful priestess soul, and as usual, but almost more than ever, the teacher learned more from the student, and we became fast sisters. She's a master manifestor with major Lakshmi energy, she's abundant, & her dream is to help every sister she comes in contact with abundantly live the life of her deepest desires. She's Powerfully Positive, a true Girl. Friend. I'll ask Ayesha about her herstory, and we'll get her wisdom on true sisterhood, emitting Queen vibrations, praciting radical self love, womanifestation, and becoming the woman of your dreams, while making every dream happen in the NOW. 


ABOUT AYESHA. Ayesha is a self proclaimed spark seeker. She has created a radical life for herself based on her empowering beliefs about life, LOVE, creativity, passion, adventure, and spirit! The c0- creator of the Girlfriend Manifesto & the creator of the Conscious Creator app, her passion is helping people live the biggest most juicy version of their lives via her coaching courses. www.thegirlfriendmanifesto.com 

Your prayer causes you to focus, and the Law of Attraction causes everything in the Universe that’s in vibrational harmony with your focus to come to you.”
— Abraham Hicks


PART II. Featuring Cherie Healey. 


Our Herstory. I'm so honored to introduce Cherie Healey to the Coven. Cherie swooped into my life on a cloud of stardust three years ago, one of those times on the floor (you know, the #floorcry), when I was stuck in a haunted house of my suffering and couldn't find the door out. (She called it the "crazy eights," she said "Not that you're crazy, you're just up down up down." It's ok Cherie, all my beloveds are the good kind of crazy. Crazy about healing & crazy about saving the world. I think of her as a spicy hot Glenda the Goodwitch who came in to my life to show me I had the power all along. She started as my life coach (pro-bono, even though she's got a wait list from here to Cuba, she said, "my soul told me to help you, and I always listen to my soul") and now she's become one of my closest friends. In addition to your questions, I'm going to pick Cherie's soul on her herstory, her sacred work, the life of a life coach, balancing work & joy, aligning with our inner Queen, listening to our true selves (head vs heart, fear vs love) and laying down boundaries with fierce grace. You know, like Royalty. We'll talk FINDING OUR JOY, moving from Maiden to Mother, rising from Princess to Queen, & why her work makes her leap out of bed in the morning (and it does, every morning, in cashmere, with a chai, & that smile to rival the sun).

Cherie Healey is a Board Certified Coach, Founder of Tapped In Leader, One Woman Effect and the Bring It Group.  An Entrepreneur, Rockstar Mom and Possibilitarian, she lives to help people live. She cares deeply about removing the obstacles to desire, is a relentless optimist and wants everyone on this planet to enjoy the hell out of their lives. She works with the hungry, the ones who crave more, the leaders who refuse to settle – and she takes them to the next level. Without apology, she will raise your bar and keep it high. She holds a vision for people that they sometimes can’t hold for themselves. Cherie blends a lifetime of study with great Masters in spirituality, strategy and transformation. She’s a master of communication and relationship and uses these skills to empower people to rise up and make a difference in the world. She believes that everyone has a unique reason for being and that if we are to truly enjoy the ride, we have to know what that is. She helps clients develop their personal brand, get into alignment with who they are and why they’re here, tap in to their highest self and change the world. www.cheriehealey.com 


Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.
— Oprah Winfrey

COVEN. CALL. SIX.  8.11.15



Our Herstory. By the time I met Jacqui Becker two years ago, I was walking around pregnant with the wisdom brewing  inside of me since my path became apparent. I REALLY felt that way, pregnant, but way past my due date. Like swollen ankles and monstrous cravings to serve this soul food inside of me, and I had grown cranky and exhausted. I thought of Jacqui as a DREAMY DREAM MIDWIFE. I will never forget the long hot morning I laid in the sun on the porch with J.B. on the other line birth coaching me through the plans for my first WITCH SCHOOL. "BREATHE!" she urged. "YOU WERE BORN TO DO THIS!" An hour in, frustrated & hopeless, I lied and said "OK, I got it, thanks  for everything I'm gonna let you go now." And she, like any good sister, called me on my shit. She said "I"M NOT LETTING YOU GO UNTIL YOU WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING YOU ARE TEACHING THESE WOMEN, and structure it into a school." I knew the only way to get off the phone with that fierce tiger was to do it. Like, she wasn't going ANYWHERE. And neither was I, until I started to serve. Then she + Cherie tag teamed me until the school was up + open for BUSINSESS. So I did it, girl. She did that, dream maps, for hundreds of women a year. Now she awaits her new dream in a dark, full space she describes as a moonless, but starlit night. We're going to talk Herstory, get into the close-to-the-wound conversation about MONEY & SPIRITUALITY. Why healers need money to heal others, and why it's not just ok to change, but your life depends on it. 

ABOUT JACQUI. Jacqui's introduction to the business world was a true baptism by fire. Her extensive journalism background landed her a coveted position reporting on small French companies for Dow Jones Newswires in Paris. The only hitch? At the time, she had zero experience in business or finance. But a reporter's job is to research, investigate, and ask questions - and Jacqui not only learned to love the business beat. She learned to love business. Once back in the United States, Jacqui transitioned into a different kind of writing career, developing questions for some of the world's highest-stakes standardized tests including the SAT and TOEFL. She eventually went on to develop holistic strategies for preparing students of all socioeconomic backgrounds for major exams. And then her bohemian phase began. Unsatisfied with doing work that didn't provide the meaning or satisfaction she sought, Jacqui quit. She quit her job in the thick of the greatest economic free fall since the Great Depression. She quit her job, moved back to New York, and hula hoop danced on subway platforms in a Romanian gypsy outfit. You could say it wasn't her proudest moment. Except it was. It was on the Bedford Avenue platform of the L train that Jacqui realized she'd never again compromise her passion for profit. And that there must be a way to let her passion drive her profit. There was. Within four years, she moved from certified instructor to Master Trainer, to Director of Content Development, to Chief Visionary Officer of Education for Hoopnotica - the leading adult hoop fitness company in the world.In that time, she personally trained and certified over 500 instructors in eight countries, developed three original programs and two DVD scripts, and wrote over 1,000 pages in training manuals.  She's appeared on Good Morning America, NewBeauty, Yahoo!, MSN, 66 Minutes, and has been featured in countless national magazines in the United States and Europe. Not to mention her celebrity clientele that included Kelly Osbourne, Maggie Grace, Olivia Wilde, and Harley Pasternak. Jacqui's done it all her way, and she can't wait to help you discover yours. www.youmeanbiz.com

Poverty entails fear and stress and sometimes depression. It meets a thousand petty humiliations and hardships. Climbing out of poverty by your own efforts that is something on which to pride yourself but poverty itself is romanticized by fools.
— J. K. Rowling




Our Herstory. My soul collided with Harmony's three years ago on Martha's Vineyard, but I had been reading her astrology for years before. She's one of MysticMamma's go-to galactic guides and her passion for the stars is unrivaled. She weaves the Dark Feminine into her work, making her an essential astrologer for awakening women. Our friend Sherry bought me a reading from Harmony & it was the most on point, illuminated chart reading I've ever had done.  Bits & pieces of it, three years later, continue to come true. We'll talk to Harmony about herstory, why astrology matters, her work & how it heals, mapping the stars, sun, rising & moon, the nodes, & how to understand our selves through our charts. Plus, your questions too. 

ABOUT HARMONY. Divine Harmony is an astrologer, writer and teacher with her Masters in Depth Psychology.  She is dedicated to communicating with one’s Higher Self by way of the celestial realms, intuition and inspiration. Just as the microcosm is contained in the macrocosm and vice versa- Divine Harmony believes that the stars and planets have connections to the people, places and things that inhabit planet earth, and there is a way to find the pattern of communication and connection by divining the stars. In addition, she is an activist for the Soul and writes inspired articles on spirituality, sacred Union, and the evolution of consciousness. She is available for astrology readings, workshops, and lectures, and is in the midst of writing a book on the Dark Feminine. - See more at: www.divineharmony.org

“Astrology has no more useful function than this, to discover the inmost nature of a man and to bring it out into his consciousness, that he may fulfil it according to the law of light.”
— Aleister Crowley

PART II. Kelly Morris. 

Our Herstory. In the beginning of that dark night of which I spoke earlier, I managed to get myself enough together to teach a very intimate group of women in a Mystic School. At the end of each call I would hear a voice rise up in coven. It was strong, powerful, wise & no bull shit. I grew more & more intrigued, thinking, who is this woman, and why am I not taking HER COURSE? Her name was Kelly Morris, and she's a legendary yoga teacher and master meditation guide. So now, I get to. I mean, WE GET TO. We'll talk to Kelly about her path to healing, and how meditation saves lives. She'll offer us the tools to stop and meditate anytime, anywhere. Meditation can be easy, & she wants us each to learn how to drop in & hear our true selves & the wisdom that's waiting for us. Plus, your questions on meditation & her own guided meditation for the Coven.

ABOUT KELLY. In the wake one America's greatest tragedies, 9/11, Kelly Morris was chosen as the cover of New York Magazine as a leading light pointing the way to healing and meaning in a city and world devastated by senseless violence. It marked the entry of yoga into mainstream consciousness and was heralded a seismic shift in the way yoga was perceived by the cultural zeitgeist. Initiated by Amma into Kali, Gannon into Durga, Satchidananda into Siva and initiated into Yamantaka, Vajrayogini and Ganden Hlagmo by various Tibetan Buddhist lamas, Kelly has been named by the NYT and YJ as one of NYC's 'foremost teachers', founder of the famous Conquering Lion Yoga Teacher Training Program (CLYTT), founder of the now defunct Vow Project, writer for Origin and Mantra magazines, Wanderlust Speaker, Faculty at Kripalu and Omega, Presenter at The Women And Power Conference at Omega, leader of international retreats, Kelly most recently was chosen by The Parrish Museum to lead one of their coveted Friday Night Series this summer on August 21st in The Hamptons. Kelly folded all her business's last year to focus on getting the world to meditate and to work one-on-one with men and women to help them reclaim their sacred feminine. Loved by celebrities and civilians, Kelly lives to inform and transform. www. findyourinfinity.com

“To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still.”
— Jiddu Krishnamurti




Our herstory. Anais Nin said writing was how she managed to "capture the living moments," & our writing our souls out is saving thousands of women on the path. Victoria is one of those wonders whom I can't even recall when we met, or if there was even a time at all when I didn't know her. It's possible I found her through my Rebelle Society tribe, as she's one of their star writers, but either way we share a love of nature's wisdom, poetic thought, and claiming our wildness, refusing to be tamed. She's a bright light for thousands of women walking the awakening path, and where her pen goes, we all follow, finding our own voice. We're going to talk about this wild writing life of hers, herstory, how she heals & how it heals others, how to find your own voice, daring to share it, her process & path, plus your questions about writing your self wild.  


ABOUT VICTORIA. Victoria is a Writer/Healer/Poet. She spends a lot of time with words, so much so she has an avid following & a book, the Edge of Wonder, birthing this fall. She also believes in wildness and wellness. Everything she do stems from these two words, for they are the two words that make up a life filled with fuel, with wisdom and with beauty. When you’re creating and choosing paths from a primally intuitive place, life can be wondrously free, fiery, energetic, and extraordinary. Seems radical. But it’s real. Remember that it’s beautiful to live in a body built for feeling, and live intensely on a planet exuding intensity.

“People don’t want more information. They are up to their eyeballs in information. They want faith–faith in you, your goals, your success, in the story you tell.”
— Annette Simmons


Our Herstory. Amber & I connected years ago after I read one of her soul-baring authentic-as-hell pieces, and knew I had to know her. Clarissa Pinkola Estes says that "Writing, real writing, should leave a small sweet bruise somewhere on the writer . . . and on the reader.” And that's what the first piece I ever read by Amber did to me. I remember her words changed the course of my day. I was headed outside, & instead I moved inward, to take a good long journey inside of myself. She's no holds barred, vulnerable & strong as f*ck. In other words, she's my kind of woman. Her writing is a lot like her yoga teaching, compassionate, fiercely loving, & takes you to places you didn't know you could go. She's an avid Pema Chodron student who stares discomfort in the face & moves in closer. Amber's also part of the Rebelle Society tribe, leading women to their best & eternal teacher & healer: themselves. And coaxing them to share their stories, too. Sharing our stories, saves our lives and in effect, the lives of others. We'll talk herstory, how what she does heals herself & others, her path, purpose, why vulnerability is healing, the pedestal of teaching & how to be human. Plus, your questions. 

ABOUT AMBER. Over a decade ago, a psychiatrist recommended Amber try yoga to alleviate anxiety. At that time, she buffered herself with Xanax and numbness just to get out of bed in the morning. She credits yoga with breathing her back to life and helping her heal everything from back pain to a broken heart, divorce to depression, anorexia to alcoholism, and other ailments in between. She revels at every opportunity to share with others the same practice that continues to heal her. Having studied with a group of teachers as diverse as Ana Forrest and Judith Lasater, Amber's teaching style is as eclectic as she is. A trained counselor and former public school school teacher, she tailors her classes to meet the unique needs of students on the mat before her. It's not uncommon for her to teach a handstand tutorial in one private session and chair yoga in the next. Seasoned with poignant anecdotes and childlike laughter, her vigorous classes blend methodical sequencing with spiritual nuggets that everybody can digest. When you roll up your mat following her class, you feel both empowered with strength and inspired with humility. She believes we’ve each been given a spark of the same phenomenon that causes our hair to grow and our hearts to beat; yoga teaches us to live from that sacred space. Our yoga practice is a mere microcosm of our life practice. The way to bring lasting change to our world is to begin within. When she's not teaching, she's writing a yoga memoir. Or chasing a sunset with a willing soul and her camera. Or snuggling on the couch with dark chocolate (her drug of choice) and her even sweeter partner and pup. To learn more about Amber, find her writing at MindBodyGreen (www.mindbodygreen), Rebelle Society (www.rebellesociety) and at www.ambershumake.com


“It has been said that next to hunger and thirst, our most basic human need is for storytelling.”
— Khalil Gibran




Our HERSTORY. I believe we have soul mates, and Jesse is one of mine. Sometimes you're too tired to journal. After my journaling became public, and admittedly, sometimes felt like more of a job, I still needed a sacred space to lay it all out, and Jesse Became My Journal. A secret place I could go & unload my soul that felt too vulnerable to be shared. Brene Brown talks about how people need to earn our vulnerability, & suddenly, after years of a wild rebellious shout my secrets from the rooftop Maiden stage,  I found the self protection of a Mother & stopped sharing it ALL ALL THE TIME. But I still needed to share, I just needed to do it intimately. And Jesse has been & is always there. If there were a Masters Program in Being a Friend, she would be teaching it. At Harvard. Why? Because Jesse can't help but infuse her work into her relationships, (healing is who she is & what she does) & she knows how to lead you to your own greatest power & activate your inner powers of self healing. Men and women all over New York come to her to walk away embodied & empowered. Just speaking with her, her words heal. You'll see, or at least hear, what I'm talking about. We'll talk herstory, how her own healing has healed others, her dark night of the soul, psychedelics, fascia healing, the web of our bodies, her greatest teachers, losing everything to gain more than she ever imagined, becoming one's own healer, and the path to self-embodiment.  Plus, your questions.

ABOUT JESSE: As a healer, teacher, and artist, Jesse spends her days working with both women and men, exploring the concept of fierce self-love for our bodies as an integral aspect to our path to wholeness. By working together with movement, breath, myth and ritual, we seek to become embodied and heal ourselves. www.alignedspiritpilates.com 

Those who are healed become instruments of healing.”
— A Course in Miracles



Our herstory.  I was drawn to Erin from the minute I saw her soft light-filled face. She has a presence & energy that emit light waves of healing, it's true, she's got a Radiant Heart. Like Jesse Heid, Erin's in New York City, & used to work for Prada. She was deeply integrated in the fast paced competitive world, the go go go masculine world of do more get more. I remember that world well. It made me, unwell. Erin had an awakening & healed herself, & she's become the modern urban woman's go to healer, re-connecting women to themselves on a daily basis & writing herstory, selling out her breath work circles. In the fast paced DO world, she guides her clients back into BE-ing. You could say the patriarchal anti-nature nature of cities, with its concrete & competition, need the Feminine Healing Essence more than most places. She's the real radiant deal. I reached out to Erin one full moon when I was stabbed in my Mother Wound, & my inner abandoned child felt like she was hiding under a house, rocking in fear like it was World War III. She listened, and she healed me from afar. We'll talk herstory, inner child wounds, being our own best healer & friend, her path & purpose, employing ancient practices in modern times, how her self healing has healed others, the day in the life of an urban healer, plus your questions. 

ABOUT ERIN. Erin Telford believes your light is just as informative and valuable as your shadow and holds space for both. Her mission is to help people heal their relationships with themselves. She pulls from a toolbox of therapeutic conversation, lifestyle and spiritual counseling, essential oils, crystals, mantra and other healing tools. She is a healer, acupuncturist, herbalist and Reiki practitioner and leads individual and group Breathwork sessions.  She was recently featured in Refinery 29 as one of “6 Women Who Are Redefining Wellness in New York City.”  She is also a regular contributor to The Numinous and Live the Process online magazines.  Telford’s private practice, Radiant Heart Acupuncture, is located in Chelsea in New York City. www.radiantheartacupuncture.com

I think modern medicine has become like a prophet offering a life free of pain. It is nonsense. The only thing I know that truly heals people is unconditional love.
— Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

COVEN. CALL. TEN. 9.8.15



Our Herstory. I've been to Heather Rynd's bamboo covered cabin in the woods on Martha's Vineyard so many times I lost count. Every time I've been, I've been at a standstill in my human relationships. I had somehow lost myself & lost my ability to see the truth of myself & the situation I was in. I knew how to be "a goddess," but not a human. I had forgotten how to clearly communicate. I enter foggy, I leave clear. She helps her devoted clients understand their masculine & feminine energies in themselves & others, balancing them to become whole. She first introduced me to the David Deida's teachings on the Divine Masculine, & one dark day I needed her healing so badly she allowed me to pay her in flowers. She was the first one to deeply console me that this is a self-healing universe, and we, like this self healing natural world we live in, can heal if we just get out of our own way. We'll talk to Heather about herstory, her path, purpose, her energetic healing modalities,  her devotion to life of seeking & service. Plus, your questions about the healthy feminine & healthy masculine. 

ABOUT HEATHER. Heather's practice consists of helping her clients develop skills and awareness, witness, and breath to increase authentic core energy. As the individual's core energy becomes related to the work, the tissue and the consciousness are organized around the highest intelligence in the body, a transformation which extends far into their lives. The Polarity Process is comprehensive, addressing the interdependence between mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, & environmental dimensions of health & disease. At the deepest level,  Polarity Therapy provides the space for the system to find its inherent wisdom for healing and evolution. Heather is a registered polarity practitioner with the American Polarity Association and has dedicated over 35 years to the exploration of a natural and energy-based approach to health she has maintained a private practice on martha's Vineyard since 1985 Heather is co-founder and director of National Therapeutic Center, a nonprofit educational organization founded in 1995.

“We eventually learn that emotional closure is our own action. We can be responsible for it. In any moment, we can choose to open or to close.”
— David Deida



SARA SOPHIA EISENMAN. Our Herstory. Sara had been on my radar for a long time, with her beautiful teachings of grace and the empowered feminine. After years of suppressing my inner Kali & Pele because she "wasn't pleasant" & got me in "trouble," I couldn't ignore her any more. When she roared back up inside my soul I felt like a walking waking volcano & instinctively reached out to Sara, not knowing she TEACHES on our righteous rage. I, like many women have been programmed to please, & my anger wasn't "pleasing," so I shamed it. Among many other healing modalities, Sara helps women channel their righteous anger into change, and honors the Goddesses of fire and destruction for creation. Instead of suppressing our rage, directing it inward or outward or feeling ashamed about it, she teaches healthy ways of channeling it into powerful change in our lives & the world. We'll talk to Sara about herstory, her life as a devi, aging gracefully, understanding our energy, healing body trauma, & the empowered feminine. Plus, your questions. 


ABOUT SARA. Sara Sophia Eisenman is a writer, energy healer, Berkeley-educated neuroscientist, and a devoted wife and mother of two children. She is a powerful advocate for women embracing their natural ageless beauty, and serves to reintegrate the feminine aspect of the divine into the fabric of the collective. Sara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience from UC Berkeley, graduating at the very top of her class and earning numerous accolades for her unique work. (Read more about Sara’s time at Berkeley here.) She also has a Master’s degree from UCLA in culture and performance. Sara’s graduate work focused on dance and ceremony as a means of transmitting consciousness and accessing/healing deep trauma in the body. To further ground her healing pursuits, Sara trained in Reiki and shamanism for many years, becoming a Reiki master and noted teacher. Sara currently offers one on one healing energy sessions and consulting, as well as deep shamanic work in partnership with her husband Hanan Eisenman. Schedule a session with her on her website www.thesacredfemme.com. For more about Sara visit her website or connect with her on Facebook

“Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.”
— Maya Angelou


"re-wilding the awakening woman," featuring alexandra schueler 

Our Herstory. I don't even know where to start about Ali Schueler. One of my closest friends, Jesse Heid, kept saying, "have you checked out Wild Woman Speaks yet?"  I kept saying, "I will, I promise." And she said, "Look, you know I only bother you about stuff that matters. So I'm going to bother you about this until you do it." I checked her out, and I fell in love. She had a down to earthiness, an accessibility, a warm confidence, and every girl wants to be her best friend. So I put myself on that waiting list and my heart exploded when the feeling was mutual. Her "realness" is why she's so successful she truly loves every woman as a sister.  These days she's a wolf pack leader to an international coven of wild women. I wish Ali & I lived on the same commune, but for now it helps to know we're howling under the same moon. Ali & I will talk herstory, aligning with your moon cycles, women's leadership, why re-wilding is so important, what it means to be a true wild woman, and I'll pepper her with your questions too. And lots of long distance wolf kisses. 

ABOUT ALEXANDRA SCHUELER.  Ali is here to passionately provide you with experience-based tools that inspire life-changing awakening in the feminine, promoting emotional awareness, spiritual fulfillment, wild self-expression, as well as a connection to our bodies and their natural cycles. She's here to support you in unleashing and embracing your wild feminine nature, while cultivating sisterhood in your life. She's your go-to women’s embodiment guide when it comes to leading a life that is alive with your wild feminine nature. My services provide women with an initiatory experience through the lens of sisterhood, guiding them into a lifestyle that is inspired by wildness and fueled by their femininity. We’re talking women worldwide unleashing and embracing their wild feminine nature, baby. www.wildwomanspeaks.com

“A healthy woman is much like a wolf: robust, chock-full, strong life force, life- giving, territorially aware, inventive, loyal, roving.”
— Clarissa Pinkola Estés




OUR HERSTORY. I met Keira, the white witch behind The Gossamer Pat, after she had begun her journey into the feminine. We talked Goddess archetypes and I found her so much like Goddess Sita, who cries tears for the Earth and hold compassion for all. She has gentle Mother Earth energy, and she met The Mother through healing her own body through a physical mother wound, pelvic organ prolapse. In sickness, we heal, and Keira and I are going to talk about physical and soul healing,
 coming out of the broom closet- specifically for Keira as a "suburban witch." We'll talk finding the mystical in the mundane, the journey of trauma, illness, & pain, speaking openly about illness & how the body speaks to us & invites us inside of ourselves. Plus, your questions. 

ABOUT KEIRA. Keira Wetherup Brown is a writer, wellness coach, and mother of two daughters. A Masters of Counselling and Psychology student, Keira’s life work is to empower women on their journey to transform, heal, and remember their soul’s purpose. She integrates mindfulness into her coaching practice using a narrative approach to help her clients uncover their inner wisdom. Steeped in the wisdom of the divine feminine, Keira passionately advocates for pelvic health awareness. You can find her creatively exploring all things magical on The Gossamer Path and sharing pelvic floor knowledge on Sacral Healing.

But we were wise. We knew that man’s heart, away from nature, becomes hard.”
— Chief Luther Standing Bear


OUR HERSTORY. I have always been a little, well, green (jealous) of green witches. True green witches have a relationship with plants that I have never had access to. The plants sing to them, talk to them, the wise women who work with these plants can feel their vibrations & intuitively know how to use them to heal & nurture them in return. I'm attracted to what I don't know, and so I'm in awe of the Green Witch. I would find myself on the Gaia School of Healing's site, in love with the message, in adoration of their connection to Gaia. One day I received a beautiful email from Marysia Miernowska, the director of the Californian branch of The Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education, & we shared an instant connection. She has a mother earth nurturing loving energy for this planet, its people & her creatures. Witches, or wise women, have internal crystal balls, & we both saw us working together one day. This, my pretties, is just the beginning. We'll talk to Marysia about herstory, women's connection to the earth, her sacred work, earth wisdom tutelage, earth magic & shamanism, how we can work with herbs for healing, & how we in turn can heal the earth. Plus, your questions.

ABOUT MARYSIA. Marysia Miernowska is an herbalist, witch, biodynamic gardener and Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner trained in the Wise Woman Tradition of healing. She is the director of the California branch of The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education and teaches apprenticeships in herbal medicine, plant shamanism and Earth magic. A multilingual and multicultural devotee of Pachamama, Marysia has traveled extensively studying earth wisdom and ancient healing practices from different cultures around the world. She has a background as a community organizer and brings grassroots activism into all aspects of her life. Marysia keeps her feet rooted by designing and tending to medicinal and sacred gardens using permaculture and biodynamic practices. She formulates herbal medicine, forages, and makes sacred plant botanicals under the label Flora Sagrada. She lives in Santa Monica, CA. with her daughter Flora, grows biodynamic herbs in Malibu, and teaches and holds ceremony in the greater LA area. She shares her passion for wellness of the Earth and her people with students, in the gardens she tends and in her writing. You can follow Marysia on instagram @thegaiaschoolofhealingca and on facebook by liking The Gaia School of Healing and Earth Education California Branch and visiting the school website: www.thegreenwoman.com and www.florasagrada.com

I hardly can sleep. I feel that my target now is really to save Mother Earth for humanity. And it’s doable.
— Imelda Marcos




Our HERSTORY.  I've known of Jessica & her work in bridging the sisterhood through her courses & Where Is My Guru for sometime. I knew she was a hell of a giver & a hell of a receiver, and when she interviewed me in very early spring she had a depth & empathy to her listening, like she had opened her soul to me, not just a distracted ear. She's mastered that sacred gift of offering someone her true presence. I've watched her share countless stories of women & now she's finally sharing her own with us. It's an empowering tale of turning shame into love, of leaving safety for your dream, and we'll talk about how she balances giving & receiving, listening to others as well as her self, turning her dream into a job, avoiding burn out with start ups and not collapsing under one's own ego weight, and more. 

ABOUT JESSICA. Jessica Durivage-Kerridge is listener, a reflector and a space holder for those she meets. She believes this is one of the greatest services she can offer her fellow human beings. To listen, to see, to reflect and to hold the precious gift of another's presence in her own. She is the founder of Where is My Guru – an intimate in-person and virtual learning center for spiritual, personal and professional development. She works with small businesses and individuals in the wellness and yoga industries offering an extensive portfolio of services including mentoring, strategic marketing and visioning and training development. She is known through her interview style, yoga teaching and writing for her mindful, practical and humorous approach to life and practice. Her writing has been published in Mantra Yoga + Health Magazine, Origin Magazine, Rebelle Society and Elephant Journal. Her gurus are her amazing children – Ellis Roy and LeeAnn Michelle. www.whereismyguru.com @whereismyguru

“Hell, in my opinion, is never finding your true self and never living your own life or knowing who you are.”
— John Bradshaw



Finally, Jessica will interview me on my path, from my depression & addiction, from rock gods to the Goddess, to publicly speaking on pain, to my awakening, my work with women in de-stigmatizing the witch as healer, ego & shadow work, self love & solitude, heartbreak & healing, mother wound & grief, fire walking & forgiving, feminine healing of body, soul & earth, women's leadership & finding our voice & purpose. 




OUR HERSTORY.  I met Marie when I was at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Florida. It was in my very early stages of the work I do now, & I thought I could do it all alone. Marie's magic yoga therapy opened me up to very tight old wounds & stories I held, & her Nidra relaxed me into deep states of release & peace. If you haven't tried Yoga Nidra or Yoga Therapy, this woman is your best intro in. She also was there for me at a time when it felt like Me against the world, & I've felt deeply trusting & loving toward her ever since. Before she became a yoga teacher & healer, she lived a fascinating herstory of working as a clinical psychiatrist at a Colorado Supermax (Maximum Security Prison) with some of the toughest criminals in the world. In our bonus interview, we'll talk herstory, her change of path & purpose, Yoga Nidra & Yoga Therapy & more. 

ABOUT MARIE Marie Bailey, Psy. D., RYT-500 has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and spent many years in her first career as a psychologist.  She fell in love with Amrit Method Yoga Nidra in 2009 when she first met the creator of Amrit Method Yoga Nidra, Yogi Amrit Desai and his daughter Kamini Desai, Ph. D.  Marie received her certification in Yoga Nidra facilitation at that time. Marie is a practicing Yoga Therapist and Yoga Nidra facilitator.   She leads meditation groups regularly.  A Yogi through and through, Marie is a senior faculty member at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs, Florida where she is a trainer in Yoga Nidra Professional Trainings and co-teaches Yoga Therapy with its creator, Kamini Desai.  

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I'll host a bonfireside chat with featured guest luminaries about Love: what they are looking for & have found in relationship, post awakening. As the world changes, we change, and what we want in relationships has changed. We'll talk dating Narcissists, Unpatterning ourselves, Boys & Men, Princes & Kings, Love Shadow & Wounds & how finding our true selves leads us to our true loves. We've found it takes a very special partner to handle the work of the Awakening Woman. We'll talk about what has worked, what hasn't worked. and what we've learned. Special Guests To Come. 

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“Come then, and let us pass a leisure hour in storytelling, and our story shall be the education of our heroes.”
— Plato

13 Magical Nights, 21 Sacred Herstories

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“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”
— Jane Goodall